First Look: Shine Post

Haru, Rio and Kyouka are working hard to take their idol unit TiNgS all the way to the top, but their efforts aren’t translating into audience turnouts in the slightest. When their disbandment seems imminent, the president of their talent agency decides to give them one last chance… but in order to make anything of it, the girls are going to need a manager who can do the impossible.

Jukebox: Reclaiming Idols

Believe it or not, Japan can make other music aside from peppy pop! It has a vibrant underground music scene, which over the years has developed into an influential force to be reckoned with. In Jukebox, we take a look at the versatility of the Japanese music industry — beyond the realm of anime and other geekery. This time, we explore how Japanese pop ‘idols’ have transformed over the years, maybe even for the better. Can idols be saved, or have scandals doomed them to live on as a creatively bankrupt, patriarchic relic?

This Japanese Idol Group Dares To Go Where No Other Idol Group Has Gone Before!

Move over, posers! This enchanting and smoking hot new idol group from Japan gives the audience what they’ve truly been clamouring for! The cute and sexy members of this new pop sensation bare it all on the streets of Akihabara to show their fans what being an idol is truly all about! Saucy maid outfits! Suggestively eating ice cream! Lewd dance routines! This video has it all! Even the girls from AKB048 make an appearance, lamenting their incoming fall into oblivion at the hands of these hot, new darlings! Check it out!