First Look: No-Rin


Light Novel Adaptation by Silver Link
Simulcast on Funimation


A high school boy unwittingly seduces his favorite idol into wanting to become a farmer by mailing her vegetables and anonymous letters.

Lifesong’s Verdict: No-Thanks

Painful humor and a painful setting with a bunch of lovely voice actresses and a favorite director. The pain won out in this premier. What is there to even say about a show with 3 major gags that last so long they are basically the entire episode? We go from a cow in the classroom to a boy in a body pillow to a picture of a gross 40 year old teacher greased up in all sorts of oils from her kitchen taking a naked selfie. Some of the visual gags actually made me laugh while taking screencaps for this post, but in motion this whole thing simply hurt. Silver Link has been known for bad first episodes so I will stick it out to see what happens in the second, but I’m honestly not expecting anything good.


Jel’s Verdict: No

Full disclosure: I started spacing out halfway through this episode, mostly as a defense mechanism against one of the worst anime teachers of all time. Seriously, how does that woman still have a job? Meanwhile the main character nearly got hit by a bull, tried to get Kana Hanazawa to say “penis”, and spent half the episode rolling around in a body pillow featuring his favorite idol… and I don’t mean that in a good way. I guess they’re going for some kind of contrast with the flashy idol lifestyle and the down to Earth life of a farming community, but this episode was so random and poorly composed that it failed to gain any traction. All that is before I even get to the ugly character designs and poor animation. With almost no positives going for it aside from a solid voice acting cast, No-Rin is not worth your time.


Iro’s Verdict: Rotten

This is undoubtedly the worst farming/idol anime I have ever seen. It’s boring, unfunny, gross, and just plain bad. Please consider increasing your standards and watching something that isn’t as shitty.

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