Oreimo 2 Episode 13

Kirino remembers her childhood and how she used to get along with her brother. She recalls how their relationship deteriorated and how she got into her otaku hobbies.

Oreimo 2 Episode 12

Kyousuke’s housewarming party falls apart as the girls start to argue over who will cook and clean for him while he’s away from home. Kirino ends the debate by appointing Ayase as his caretaker for the next month while he studies.

Oreimo 2 Episode 11

Kyousuke and Kirino’s parents are starting to get suspicious as the two seem to be getting along really well. As a result, their father decides Kyousuke should temporarily live on his own so he can focus on his studies. All out Harem Warfare breaks out as he is visited in succession by Kirino, Kanako, Ayase, and Kuroneko at his new apartment.

Oreimo 2 Episode 10

Ayase finds out about Kyousuke’s break up and makes her move. She invites him to go with her to help Kanako at MeruFest. Kirino is planning on going to MeruFest but is running late at a photo shoot, so Kyousuke rushes out to get her.

Oreimo 2 Episode 8

Kyousuke and Kuroneko spend their summer together fulfilling her “Destiny Record”, although her ultimate goal may be different than what anyone was expecting.

Oreimo 2 Episode 7

Kuroneko makes her move on Kyousuke, much to no one’s surprise. Kyousuke prepares to give her an answer by the end of the make-up Comiket party.

Oreimo 2 Epiosde 6

Kirino brings home her boyfriend for the Comiket after party, much to the dismay of Kyousuke and her father. Caught in the crossfire is Kuroneko, who is ready to put an end to the tension.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 5

Mikoto finally encounters one of her clones and accidentally spends the afternoon with her as she tries to get more information. The situation changes drastically when she discovers the true, horrifying nature of their existence.

Oreimo 2 Episode 5

Kirino asks Kyousuke to pose as her boyfriend to help her avoid a persistent modeling agency scout. Things get awkward until Kuroneko asks them to participate in her book for Comiket.

Oreimo 2 Episode 4

Kirino’s roommate and friendly rival from America arrives in Japan for a visit. The Kousakas show her around Akihabara before she proposes a race.

Oreimo 2 Episode 3

Kyousuke, Kirino and Kuroneko make a surprise visit to Saori’s house for her birthday. After her friends see her without her glasses for the first time, Saori remembers how she got into her various otaku hobbies.

Oreimo 2 Episode 2

Ayase is so concerned about Kirino’s latest gaming obsession that she seeks Kyousuke’s advice. He tries to confront Kirino, but ends up hooked on the game himself. This doesn’t go over well with Manami, who teams up with Ayase to set things straight.