Random Manga Theatre 76: I’m a Brocon Little Sister That Loves Big Brother Too Much and Wants To Do “NyanNyan” But I Can’t Be Honest

Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the Random Number God decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: Oniichan no Koto ga Suki Sugite Nyan Nyan Shitai Burakon Imouto dakedo Sunao ni Narenai no, by Maiko Ooha


Look at that fucking title. Just look at it. You thought My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute or I Couldn’t Become A Hero So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job were stupid titles? This has to take the cake. which it then pisses all over. I have never seen a worse title for anything before this and I will almost certainly never see a worse title ever after. It even shortens to OniiNyanONII-FUCKING-NYAN. Ugh.

To sum up the plot (even though the moronic title does precisely that), Saya really wants to bone her big brother, but she’s that infernal brand of anime tsundere that responds to any and all human contact via hurricane kick and dragon punch. She prays to God to let her “be more honest” and get closer to her brother, so she suddenly gets cursed to turn into a cat whenever she sneezes. Convenient, since her brother loves cats, to the point of snuggling up with strays he finds while walking on the street.


Did I say “convenient”? I meant stupid. The whole thing is a set-up for a ton of skeevy fanservice, wherein Saya still pictures herself as a human (with cat ears and a tail, natch) and makes compromising poses as her brother pets her or she does other cat things. There’s no real point to any of it, it’s dumb, and I shall  curse the Random Button for all time for rolling this manga of all possible things.


Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. This shouldn’t exist. How can I ever trust the Random Button again?

(Random Manga Theatre will be on break next week for Iro to recover from the hell of the past two weeks, and also to get some work done on the year-end posts.)

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