All Your Monies: July 14th 2014

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week,¬†after a hiatus to account for the…

I guess they really liked my review

K-ON!! Season 2 Blu-ray Collection 2 Review

The looming specter of graduation has finally caught up with the Light Music Club, and our normally carefree girls have some big decisions to make. With some actual potential for drama, is it possible K-ON! could shift over to some serious introspection, or do they burn through their final block of episodes with business as usual? The answer may not be as obvious as you think.