All Your Monies: July 14th 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, after a hiatus to account for the new season, we’ve got a strong crop of figures.

Excellent Model Dandy/Honey (Space Dandy)
Megahouse, October, ¥9,000/¥9,250 


Zigg: Firstly I’d like to point out that Dandy’s gurn is perhaps the greatest expression in figure history. Secondly, these are both really great figures. As is typical with Madhouse they don’t go to the nth degree with detail but that suits the very broad, cartoonish style of the characters. Dandy’s pompadour is coiffured to perfection and even the over-sexualised Honey hits ‘cheesecake’ rather than ‘creepy’. Very strong entries.

Jel: These both look fantastic. The details on Dandy are perfect, from his perfectly sculpted pompadour to the pleat in his slacks. You have to love his expression as well. Same goes for Honey. Megahouse is very hit and miss with female characters and while she may be super sexualized at least she looks close to reasonably proportioned. Her tray of space food adds a nice touch of character as well. Nice work all around.

Timmy: Both of these are looking pretty fantastic and I definitely love that crazy ass expression on Dandy’s face. Sculpting, painting, and shading all look fine and the price seems fair enough. Especially when you factor in the extra changeable arms and faces. A great pair of figures for those who love the show and want to put something from it on their shelf.

Lifesong: I’m not a fan of this anime. That said, these figures look pretty cool. Both of Dandy’s faces capture his character’s douchebro style and Honey well, she looks appropriate for a figure of a girl working at Space Hooters. Honey’s outfit looks a bit tighter in figure form than what I remember from the anime, especially around her chest. The price is a bit high for I would be willing to spend if I wanted either of these figures, but the accessories and alt faces are a nice touch. If your a big Dandy and or Honey fan you won’t really go wrong ordering either one.

Shinka Nibutani (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions)
Kyoto Animation, November, ¥12,000 (KyoAni Shop exclusive)


Zigg: I love this. Nibutani is a pretty character design, the pose is fantastic and full of vim and energy and the blue/white/yellow cheerleading outfit is a pretty unique look that walks the line between fanservice-y and smart very well. The huge base is great too – very over the top but just what you need to make a figure stand out. The only real issue here is price and exclusive status, which make her a no-go for me. Otherwise I’d seriously consider it.

Jel: Do people still care about this show after the lame second season? OK, maybe a more specific question is does anyone care about Nibutani enough to shell out KyoAni exclusive money for this? I suppose this is a nice enough figure that I’m sure it will have some buyers. Nibutani and her stupid hair clip look spot on and I like the shiny paint on her pom-poms. The massive LOVE stand is kind of over the top but it adds an interesting bit of visual flair. It’s a nice effort overall but probably not worth that price tag.

Timmy: This one definitely caught me off guard. As someone who bought Kyoani’s Rikka but decided this exclusive thing they were doing was too much when Sanae came around and ended up passing on her, I was expecting to be done with their Chuuni figures at that point. Nibutani ended up being too damn irresistible though. She has a lot going for her with a really cute face. very dynamic and interesting flying pose, a pretty over the top base to support that pose, and a cheerleader outfit that both looks great and is a somewhat rare sight in the figure world. I’ll concede that she is a little overpriced despite the fact I shelled out the cash, and I really hope Kyoani’s final product doesn’t disappoint.

Lifesong: This figure looks cute and I love the energy in Nibutani’s pose, but I wonder if a cheerleader is really the best choice for her character. Nibutani doesn’t make a good cheerleader and that is the first thing comes to mind when I see this. She is also a bit pricey and her exclusive origins don’t help that any. It’s a nice figure, but it doesn’t represent a piece of the show I want on my shelf and cost too much for what it is.

Super Sonico Tiger Hoodie ver. (Super Sonico)
Gift, October, ¥9,800


Zigg:  Finally a Sonico I don’t feel bad just looking at! The tiger hoodie/shirt/skirt combination is super smart and conspires to make Sonico look really rather adorable. I’m digging the teal colour of the hoodie too. The pose is a little generic but details like the guitar case, the tail and the giant pom-poms give life to it. Can’t believe I’m saying this about Sonico, but I’m into this figure.

Jel: Ever since the sculpt was shown this has been the ONLY Sonico I approve of. She actually looks pretty cute with her cat ear hoody and I love the blue camo and teal sleeves contrasting against her bright pink hair. Perhaps most shockingly she’s reasonably clothed and approaches proportions almost in the realm of human possibility, making this a really nice figure overall.

Timmy: This is the Sonico I have had my eyes on for a long time and all the stuff I said about her a year and a half ago still very much applies. Face is adorable, pose is fun and energetic, those clothes, yes actual clothes on a sonico figure, are sculpted and painted well, and the fun little details like the fluffy balls and the guitar case all look great. I have several Sonicos on order now but this is probably still my most anticipated.

Lifesong: Insert gushing here. I love Sonico’s gravure figures, but I don’t think I’m alone in wanting more of “Rock Star” Sonico. It’s awesome to see that someone is finally making a high quality Sonico in her signature tiger parka with her guitar on her back. Happy Sonico is the best Sonico. I love her expression here and the cute pose is a nice touch. I am worried about her leaning with time, but that won’t stop me picking her up. Gift have done a great job at capturing Sonico’s charm. I can’t wait to add this one to my collection.

Nendoroid Satsuki Kiryuuin (Kill La Kill)
Good Smile Company, October, ¥3,889


Zigg: The KLK style is perfect for deformation into the Nendoroid style, so it’s no surprise Satsuki looks awesome. I’m a little underwhelmed by the add ons though – only two faces and no teacup? That said, the gigantic text is a clever addition that’s very particular to the show, always something I like to see. At the end of the day htis is one of those figures that gets by on the basics of jsut how great it looks.

Jel: YES. Look at how ridiculously over the top that thing is. I wasn’t too interested in the KLK nendos but now seeing Satsuki in that pose and imagining Ryuko and Mako on her sides it’s significantly more appealing. The pose with Satsuki pulling her armband to transform is a nice touch as well. The only thing missing is a tea set, but chances are you already have another nendo that has one she can borrow.

Timmy: Nendoroid Satsuki turned out great and has all the over-the-topness that I have come to expect from the line. Another great showing by GSC and another great Kill La Kill nendo to tempt me into picking them all up. The style from the show shrinks down really well into these miniature forms.

Lifesong: Nendroid Satsuki is somehow the best Satsuki. Her over the top over bearing personality comes through here. I love the stage base. She comes fully prepared to lord over all other nendroids you might own. For a character like this that is exactly what she needs.

figma Chariot (Black Rock Shooter)
Max Factory, November, ¥6,926 


Zigg: As seemingly the only person in the world who thought the Black Rock Shooter show was aces, I’m really really into this. Chariot’s basic design is bananas and it’s been wonderfully reproduced in figma form, with the robo-skate legs a highlight. Accessories are incredible too, with the evil macaroons a particular highlight, although the gigantic shield is the eye-catcher. It’s all very cool, but figmas have been getting more expensive for a while now and the cost is just too much for me.

Jel: This is two years too late, which is probably how long this has been in development. There’s no question Chariot is one of the most technically impressive figmas in recent memory but I am so over Black Rock Shooter at this point. I don’t even remember her fighting with her giant wheel thing, I thought she actually had a giant chariot? I do remember the Macaroons of Despair at least so it’s cool to see those made it in the box. Maybe I need to go back and watch her fight scene to appreciate this more.

Timmy: Really neat and over the top as far as that wheel is concerned, but I have to wonder if the S.S. BRS has sailed at this point. I would expect only the most diehard of fans to be interested, especially at that price.

Lifesong: The black and gold combo just isn’t doing anything for me. I’m tired of these figures and their color choices. They spared no detail with the figma itself and even included her disk like accessory. I might actually like this if the colors were more interesting. It is true to the show at least and likely to please whatever remaining fans Black Rock Shooter still has.

Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class (Kantai Colection)
Good Smile Company, February(!), ¥12,778 

FIGURE-006819_01 (1)

Zigg: After all those distasteful figures of very skimpily clad girls, I’m somewhat astonished to see Kantai Collection produce somethign this totally awesome. The bizarre pseudo-organic look makes her seem more like something out of War of the Worlds and GSC have played it up with fantastic texturing and shading. The base is cool, the bonus ‘mini ships’ add a lot to the overall look and the entire thing just radiates alternative sci-fi cool. Stunning.

Jel: So I guess this is one of the enemy ships? This is a pretty cool looking figure as the disturbing and organic alien monster bits are a nice change of pace compared to girls with random ship parts attached to them. I particularly love the crystal base thing but the stands for her floating alien minion things stick out a bit too much. At least it’s something different?

Timmy: Speaking of ships this is probably the coolest thing to come out of Kantai Colection. Where most of the girls just look like lasses in various generic outfits with ship parts attached, Wo-Class here looks downright alien. From her shear bodysuit and her cape to that organic looking monstrosity on her head and that water effect on her base, everything is sculpted and panted fantastically. She has pretty interesting hair and a nice face as well. GSC have definitely gone all out and she looks great because of it. Those extra little ships are a nice touch as well.

Lifesong: I love the attention to detail in this sculpt. The texture is simply fantastic. The little monsters turrets add some spark and the squid like creature on her head gives off a nice scifi vibe. I’m not a big fan of all the black, but as a villain it does the job well. I actually find myself liking these creepier enemy designs a lot more than the more moe ship daughter look of rest of KanColle. I probably won’t be buying any merchandise from KanColle, but I hope to see more of these evil designs in figure form.

2 thoughts on “All Your Monies: July 14th 2014

  1. not a fan of space dandy but those figure looking nice. Satsuki nendo is ridiculously over the top and it should be (dem facial expressions). There’s no way im NOT ordering that nendo and the black wock shoot– I mean enemy wo-class ship looks great. now wheres my Yuudachi/Kai shipdaughter figure goodsmile? get on that, Poi!

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