First Look: Magical Girl Ore

Saki is a normal teenage girl who spends her days crushin’ on a boy and failing miserably at being an idol, as you do. One day the boy she likes gets carried off by a group of adorable, super buff teddy bear demons, and to save him she contracts with the Yakuza to become a Magical Girl… of sorts.

The GLORIO Spring 2018 Anime Guide – Part 1

​I guess anime is far from dead as the spring season is jam packed with more shows than I think we’ve ever seen in the history of The GLORIO Blog. Lots of new shows, lot of returning old shows, lots of continuing shows from last season… it’s a bit overwhelming but we are here to help you sort it out. Part 1 of our guide has me excited for Doga Kobo’s new original off-brand Nozaki-kun clone, and there’s certainly a variety of other shows to check. Let us know what looks good to you, and we’ll see you in part 2.