Best of Winter Wonder Festival 2013

We’ve arrived at Winter WonFes 2013 and while many companies seemed to be playing it safe this go round there are still plenty of hot items to discuss. So join us as Jel, Zigg, Lifesong, Timmy, and Marlin choose the best of Winter Wonder Festival 2013.

Robotics;Notes Episode 15 and 16

Airi’s true nature is revealed, and honestly it’s kinda stupid. After my disappointment mounts, R;N manages to snag me back in. GUN-BUILD2 is complete as Kai searches for the final report. In the shadows, Aki’s sister and her boss are plotting something. Much like Okabe and his lab, will the unintended consequences of messing with conspiracy finally fall Kai and the gang?

Robotics;Notes Episode 13

Recap: Kai continues to unlock the Kimijima Kou reports, while the rest of the team makes progress on GUN-Build 2 with the help of the magical monopole they found earlier. In addition, we get to learn a little more about Frau in the process.

I swear I didn't realize how suggestive this image looked until i framed it.

Robotics;Notes Episode 12

Recap: With a fear of robots and a lack of skills, Jun starts to feel at odds with staying in the Robotics Club. When her grandfather Doc becomes ill, she visits, but is turned away. Will this be the last we see of the adorable karate girl?

Robotics;Notes Episode 11

Recap: Kaito and Frau continue to uncover the mystery and conspiracies that are held within the Kimijima Kou reports. Amidst all the confusion, the final episode of Gunvarrel is suddenly leaked, throwing everything into even greater disarray.