First Look: Days

Tsukushi, a shy and clumsy boy completely new to the world of soccer, finds himself with a sudden passion for the sport after being asked to help out in a futsal match by classmate and budding soccer genius Jin. Despite his lack of skill or experience, and the fact that his high school is known nationwide for its amazing soccer team, Tsukushi decides to sign up.

Ping Pong Episode 10

Even injured, Peco is determined to fight with all his strength against the indomitable Kazama. Things start to look down for The Hero, but some inspiration from Smile brings him back into the game.

Ping Pong Episode 8

The championship qualifiers are finally here and it’s time for everyone to show the results of their training. With Smile, Peco, Kazama, and Kong all vying for a top spot, there will be winners and losers today.

Ping Pong Episode 7

With Peco’s willpower reignited, he begins to train in earnest once again. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast face their revelations and burdens during their own training.