G-Reco Episode 26 and Final Thoughts

Arriving back on Earth, Bellri and the Megafauna find themselves caught between the Amerian and Capital Army. Between the various factions and the G-IT Corps in hot pursuit, it seems global war is inevitable. Determined to bring an end to the fighting once and for all, Bellri sets out one last time to prove he can bring peace to the world. Gee, Iro, and Marlin share their thoughts about Tomino’s heartfelt, but ultimately bizarre and incomprehensible entry in the storied franchise.

Gundam G-Reco Episode 7-8

Once again, the Capital Army decides to send some more of their apparently expendable soldiers at the space pirates. This time, Mask forms an all-Kuntala squadron in an attempt to rescue Bellri and avenge Dellensen, despite how apparent it is that the Army is only using Bellri as a justifier for their military actions. Meanwhile, Bellri’s mom attempts to escape from Capital Army surveillance and find her son.

Gundam G-Reco Episode 6

The pirates have successfully made it into space. However, the Capital Army is hot on their heels, sending Dellensen again, this time in his own Elf Bull. Bellri, determined to pay his debt to Aida, takes off again against the Elf Bull, unaware that his teacher is the one in the pilot’s seat.

Gundam G-Reco Episode 5

The Capital Army reveals its new mobile suit, the transforming Elf Bull. Piloted by the mysterious Mask that is totally not Luin, they once again attempt to rescue Bellri and take the fight to the pirates. And once again, Bellri decides for some reason that he’s gonna fight with the pirates despite having been ostensibly kidnapped by them. I think it’s because he feels guilty about killing Cahill? I honestly can’t even tell at this point.

Gundam G-Reco Episode 4

Returning to the pirate’s base, Bellri meets Aida’s strange crew. Meanwhile, the Capital Army sends a task force led by Dellensen to rescue Bellri and eliminate the pirates. There sure is a lot of kidnapping and counter kidnapping in this show.

Gundam G-Reco Episode 3

After capturing Aida (again) and fending off the pirate attack, Bellri and Aida are both brought to the Research Division to get information from them. However before things can get started, flamboyant pirate jerk Klim Nick launches a second attack on the Capital Army. Wishing to prevent the tragedy of the previous attack, Aida takes back the G-Self and attempts to stop him.