Gundam G-Reco Episode 3



After capturing Aida (again) and fending off the pirate attack, Bellri and Aida are both brought to the Research Division to get information from them. However before things can get started, flamboyant pirate jerk Klim Nick launches a second attack on the Capital Army. Wishing to prevent the tragedy of the previous attack, Aida takes back the G-Self and attempts to stop him.

Gee’s Thoughts

I honestly have no clue how to react to G-Reco. It’s not bad, but I’m not sure I can call it great either. It’s so confoundingly strange on so many levels that I’m not even sure what my gut reaction is. The characters talk and act like actors in some kind of overwrought theater production. Meanwhile the plot progression is so rapid that it’s hard to keep up. I get that these are hallmarks of Tomino’s style, but I could barely make sense of the narrative until I replayed the events out in my head one at a time. It doesn’t help that the characters’ completely illogical actions simply don’t make any sense. What the hell is with Raraiya? Why is Aida dancing in the middle of the office of her captor? Not only does the Capital Army let Aida retake the G-Self, but Bellri, Noredo, and Raraiya are apparently totally okay with basically being kidnapped? Thankfully the reveal at the end that the Research Division purposely allowed it to happen to create a false flag situation clears it up, but until those last five minutes of the episode, I was totally confused.


That said, G-Reco is still undeniably entertaining. While the characters might be illogical, they’re bigger than life in a wholly dramatic manner that I can’t help but enjoy. Klim Nick is yet another wacky addition to the G-Reco cast, and maybe it’s just me, but I don’t mind an insufferable genius if they get put in their place from time to time. Watching Dellensen put Klim in his place with his stock Catsith which was in free fall was ridiculous but highly satisfying. I doubt it’ll last, but it’s always fun watching experienced vets in stock grunt suits taking on the supposed geniuses in their custom super units and coming out on top.

Overall, I’m still not sure what to make of G-Reco, but it’s such an entertaining ride and it piques my curiosity so much that I can’t help but keep watching. With Aida returning to the pirates with Bellri in tow, I can’t help but wonder what kind of completely insane scenario Tomino is going to throw at us next.


Iro’s Thoughts

I don’t understand this show. Watching it is an incredibly baffling experience, and I only possess the most tenuous understanding of what exactly is going on from scene to scene. I mean, the military has captured a space pirate piloting a heretofore unknown mobile suit, but she’s just casually having lunch with the colonel (and as seen above, DANCING besides) while Raraiya is confined to an actual cell. And then the entire prison staff seems perfectly fine with said pirate commandeering said confiscated mobile suit and simultaneously kidnapping three people, including one who is the son of someone who is evidently highly respected in the Capital Army? I just don’t understand any of it. To G-Reco‘s credit, it’s implied that they allowed Aida to leave so that they could track her back to the pirate base, but the actual progression of events is so plain odd that I could only watch with wonder and laugh. I’ll definitely keep watching, if only so I can eventually just understand what’s happening.

Marlin’s Thoughts

This show continues to be confusing yet entertaining. I enjoy these characters mostly because they’re just totally off the wall and have to do everything in the most dramatic way possible. I really should have come to expect the capital to have the worst prison security of all time, but man this episode just took it farther than I thought possible. Even for all my acceptance of everyone’s wackiness, I never would have expected Aida to just come in on Bellri talking with his super, let alone do a piroutte as she does it. It turned to absolute hilarity watching the events at the end unfold. I could have sworn Bellri was just gonna bring Aida along because she knows how to pilot it well, not that they were gonna let her take controls. I got that they were using her as bait, but it just made everyone involved look like a supreme idiot.


On a side note, as resident Glorio biologist, I’ve been mostly very impressed with the fidelity of fauna they’ve decided to show off in this show. Only one species shown is not a native of South America today. That would also correspond to the idea of them being next to a space elevator, which would be most stable when built on the equator. Still, they could have made whatever animals they wanted. That they decided to make so many of these species distinctly recognizable is what I found most fascinating. While capuchins, jaguars, scarlet macaws, and anacondas are all very stereotypical jungle animals, the amount of lesser known taxa we are shown is equally as great. I love how much care seems to be put into the ecosystem of this world. Big points for the inclusion of peccaries this episode by the way, my favorite pigs bar none. The only extreme outlier is a particularly conspicuous troop of gibbons, natives of Southeast Asia. Still, knowing that this show takes a thousand years after the present day, I suppose I could believe in an invasive group of gibbons making a foothold in the Amazon.

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