Vividred Operation Episode 2

Akane and Aoi have both become magical girls and they take the fight to the Alone. The jet fighters fall into formation with the magical girls and they make a joint strike on the mechanical beast.

First Impressions: Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman

Pachinko Game (?) Adaptation by TMS Entertainment Currently Unlicensed Premise: Manjiro makes a living (sort of) by performing odd jobs and helping out the people of his city, but in secret,  takes back the possessions stolen from the people by corrupt political powers. The people call him “Get-backer Roman.”

Nekomonogatari Black First & Final Impressions

Nekomonogatari Black tells the story of the fated Golden Week shortly before the events of Bakemonogatari. Araragi tries to sort out his feelings for Hanekawa, the girl who helped him survive his own bizarre and dangerous Spring Break. But Hanekawa has troubles of her own, even before her body is possessed by a mischievous cat spirit.

Winter 2013 Anime Short Roundabout Hullabaloo

Seems like a growing trend the past couple of seasons for studios to crank out quick, cheap, 5 minute or less anime shorts in an effort to… uhhhh well…. honestly I’m not sure what these things are for, but there’s quite a few of them this season and they often get the same big announcement (and streaming license) as any other full length title. So in the name of JOURNALISM, let us venture forth and see if any of the Winter season’s shorts are worth even the minuscule amounts of time they demand.