Vividred Operation Episode 2


Recap: Akane and Aoi have both become magical girls and they take the fight to the Alone. The jet fighters fall into formation with the magical girls and they make a joint strike on the mechanical beast.

In order to finish off the the Alone the two magical girls must dock into one magical girl unit. After a confession by Akane about how she hates Aoi’s tomatoes they succeed and finish off this Alone for good.

Hey look, Homura!

Hey look, Homura!

Lifesong’s Thoughts: This episode was fun. Watching the jet pilots fall into a formation behind the two magical girls instead of vanishing into the void was a nice change of pace for the genre. Of course, in the end it is docking that really saves the day. Akane had no issues with the whole kiss thing. I am not sure if they are trying to sell her character as totally innocent or as being into girls. Given the genre yuri bait is expected I guess.

I am amused by just how far they took the docking thing. Watching the two girls literally become a single magical girl unit was hilarious if nothing else. The mecha happenings of this magical girl anime have already surpassed those of Nanoha. What happens when you dock two magical girls? You get a magical woman, obviously. Also, let us not forget the exhaust vents on the magical mecha girl’s chest. The creators are having fun with this anime and it is paying off for them.

Docking unit, complete with under-boob exhaust.

Docking unit, complete with under-boob exhaust.

Butt-cheeks still take up plenty of camera time but I found it less noticeable this episode than the first, perhaps I am growing immune quickly? I can’t deny the creepy nature of it, but the passion at work here makes this show hard to put down. Now that we have defeated the Alone I assume this anime will spend some time introducing the rest of the cast. From the look of things, we will meet the green magical girl next week, can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Vividred Operation Episode 2

  1. This series is great, can’t wait to see more Docking! And that Hammer of hers is something!

    Can’t wait as well for next episode! I wonder if they’re going to do some concept of each girl being able to dock with another one in different combinations?

    • I suspect the docking will be based around Akane and will take on the color of whoever she docks with. Something like Princess Waltz where the color of princess is the color of the dress. It won’t surprise me if they pull a Captain Planet and have all the girls combine at some point.

      • LOL Still Going to be Interesting for sure! I think this is my main series I’ll be watching this season. Not sure if anything else gets my attention now.

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