K: Episode 2

K’s courageous leading man kooks up an exquisite trick to escape the callous claws of the attractive crooks persecuting him. Scampering through Tokyo’s crescents and corners, he eventually reaches his condo on the academy campus, where his kitty companion exposes itself as a stark naked chick with psychic capacities. Concurrently, the scarlet king’s crew calls in the cavalry. Quite the crazy antics ensue.

First Impressions: K

In the near future, in the not-so-near city of somewhere in Japan, seven esper Kings, each backed by a colour-coded gang, fight for absolute turf control… or something. Yashiro “Shiro” Inaba, a local high school student, heads into the city to run an errand, but ends up being chased by the gang of the Red King, as well as a mysterious third party. Meanwhile, the enigmatic “colourless King” starts raising hell…