K: Episode 2

Looks like Shirou is getting… *sunglasses* some pussy tonight.

Summary Recap: K‘s courageous leading man kooks up an exquisite trick to escape the callous claws of the attractive crooks persecuting him. Scampering through Tokyo’s crescents and corners, he eventually reaches his condo on the academy campus, where his kitty companion exposes itself as a stark naked chick with psychic capacities. Concurrently, the scarlet king’s crew calls in the cavalry. Quite the crazy antics ensue.

Aqua’s Thoughts:
K tones down the hyperactive self-indulgency quite a while this week, which results in a wacky episode that actually feels like it was directed by one single person. Gone is the balls-to-the-wall action of last week as well, as this episode focuses more or Shirou’s escape, naked girls and what I assume is K‘s interpretation of that vague term we call “humour”. My suspicions that K might have been penned by Ryogo Narita of Baccano! and Durarara!! fame have completely dwindled, because I am fairly certain that Narita would never waste an entire episode on a naked catgirl skipping around tormenting a bunch of pretty boys who want to kill each other. It also would have been called K!!!

The inevitable budget cut sees K resorting to an anime traditional: The still action frame. It still looks gorgeous, though.

It’s pretty clear that K is going for the full style over substance and does not demand to be taken seriously. The imaginative details in the animation are nice to look at, but if K still thinks it can get away with the not-so-above-it-all card it pulled this episode, it is in serious trouble. Not that this particular card is a bad one for us viewers to be dealt. The stoic “Black Dog Assassin” loses a lot of his brooding determination when he is forced to chase around a naked girl who has the power to create illusions of giant cats. Meanwhile, Shiro runs into maids and ends up practically ready for the madhouse. Where K‘s first episode was a festival of attitude, this one indulges in crazy hijinks, as if showing off the two essential parts the show will be composed of. An interesting promise, but I have abandoned my hopes of K becoming the timeless masterpiece it certainly hopes to become.

Question of the Week: Count the /k/-sounds in this week’s recap and win a leg bracelet with bells on it!

Iro’s Thoughts:
How long did they all spend yakety-saxing around the campus? All day and night? At any rate, this show remains entertaining, if lacking substance. I assume we’ll see the next episode or two building up the ensemble of main characters before the actual plot will happen. I’m up for more weird magic street fights, though.

Neko is here to destroy the closet Shirou is in.

Gee’s Thoughts: 

Still can’t believe nobody mentioned to me that this was about  a wizard gang war or else I would have been around to watch the first episode like everyone else. From now on, I will refer to K as Wizard Gang Wars. If nothing else, that title makes more sense than K. That said, this episode of WGW was a lot weaker than the first one, though not bad enough to make me stop watching. It still looks pretty good, and even with some obvious shortcuts, scenes like the one with crazy awesome skateboard kung-fu kid are still a joy to behold. If each episode of K was nothing but 22 minutes of wizard street fights, I’d be the happiest man in the world.

Alas, when an anime devotes an entire episode to pointless naked-girl antics and completely defanging the supposedly dangerous “Black Dog Assassin,” you know it’s not trying to be a smart piece of fiction, nor even a particularly entertaining one. Still, next episode looks like it’ll have some more of those wizard street fights I love so much, so I’m still looking forward to next week.

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