Hyouka Episode 20

Recap: While visiting the shrine on New Year’s, Houtarou and Chitanda get trapped in a shed.

Iro’s Thoughts:
Another short, single-episode fare this week, though it still turned out pretty well. Chitanda asks Houtarou out to visit the local shrine on New Year’s with her, partly so she can show off her new kimono. They do all the normal stuff you might expect, like drawing fortunes and making prayers. Mayaka happens to be working as a shrine maiden, so they visit her, and Chitanda brings a gift for the family that runs the shrine, courtesy of her father.

The not-couple volunteers to run some errands to help out, but they accidentally get locked in a shed. While in any normal circumstance this could be easily solved by just shouting for help, Houtarou is worried about Chitanda’s reputation: since she is of a high-class family, it would look bad if she were seen to be alone in a shed with a boy her age. Apparently.

And thus Houtarou devises a few plans, with all of it coming down to their knowledge that Mayaka is manning the lost and found. They toss a few of their valuable items out of a hole in the wall of the shed, trusting Mayaka to notice and to come help them. Eventually, Satoshi shows up to visit the shrine,  and Houtarou manages to get the message through using something that refers to a samurai drama they both watched earlier that day.

Problem solved, roll credits, and all the fangirls scream because no sharing of body warmth was involved.

Marlin’s Thoughts: Iro, you do know I am a man, right? CAN’T I JUST WANT THESE TWO TO BE HAPPY?

Oh well, another episode, another half-hour of KyoAni yankin’ my chain. Seriously, either they like this whole bein’ coy shtick or Houtarou literally is the thickest dude in all of existence. Seeing Chii in her kimono and Houtarou’s proposed methods of escape were worth the price of admission this time, but I’m hoping that the next time we have romantic tension they actually break it for once. Honestly, she literally implied that they would be linked romantically if found and offered to undress herself to get them out. All of the Marvin Gaye links in the world cannot express my feelings.

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