Freezing Vibration: Episode 3


Recap: Gina volunteers for the new Mark IV test to bring the E-Pandora to the next stage in their evolution. It does make her more powerful, but it destroys her body in the process and turns her into a nova…


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Misplaced trust and desperation abound in this episode of Freezing. Ohara’s lies toward Amelia are harsh, but what hits even harder is that human rights are a fantasy kept up for public opinion in the E-Pandora project and that much isn’t hidden from these girls at all. What are these girls who are treated like lab-rats willing to sign their rights away for? Everything from money to support their families to something as simple as salvation from starving to death is some abandoned part of the world.

Gina is given a small dream before she loses her humanity, but what does that desire stem from? In the end is she fighting for the sake of humanity? Or is she trying to do her part to help her friends? It’s not much of a question really, Gina and the rest of the E-Pandora’s are not motivated by saving the world and personally I think that makes this story far more interesting. Sadly, Gina never stood a chance against the Mark IV.


One thing this anime lacks is subtlety, it’s probably because the production values are just not very high. That is not to say that it doesn’t look good, unlike season one, Freezing Vibration is at least consistent with it’s animation; however, much of this last episode was spent on talking heads and while we do have pretty girls and pretty faces to look at there is little in the way of small animation details to be found here.

Amelia and Ohara both feel stiff during some of the more emotional moments of their dialog which makes their exchange feel a bit forced. Lucky for me I know what to expect from this arc so I picked up on all the little nuances anyway. Honestly, Freezing Vibration is doing a good job at showing off the emotions that everyone is struggling with and the motivations that they have, but it’s doing so in a very basic way. I still enjoy what it is doing, but it would be nice to see the dialog supplemented by some movement.


One thing I will say for this episode is that it brings out a certain base level of emotion that Freezing’s story is going at evoking. Serious human experimentation is always hard to watch and Gina’s decay for the sake of her friends is painful even without any greater motivation on her part.

So far I’m pretty happy with Freezing Vibration. It seems to be on track to follow this story through to the end and maybe even rushing a bit to reach that point. I’m curious if any anime only viewers are feeling confused right now, but as someone who has read the manga I can say that all the important stuff is buried in there somewhere.


Looking forward to next week how will Gina’s friends react to seeing her decay? What will become of the now unsavable girl turned mutant test subject? How will the original pandora’s react to the potential scandal before their eyes? I already know, but I can’t wait to see it unfold none the less.

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