First Look: INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!?

A young man moves into a small room with cheap rent in order to make his dad’s life easier. He soon finds himself contending for the room with a ghost, magical girl, woman from under ground and an alien with advanced technology. Insanity ensues.

First Look: Akame ga Kill!

A young mercenary sets out from home to earn riches in the capital and save his starving village. What he finds is a capital rank with corruption. He will see just how dark the corruption is when he gets involved with a group of famous assassins.

No Game No Life Final Thoughts

Have you ever imagined a world where everything is a game? What would it look like? I know when I was younger I would imagine a world where simply being good at games was the most important thing you could be. No Game No Life takes that question and brings that fantasy to life.

First Look: If Her Flag Breaks

A boy with a curse can see flags above people heads. He uses his genre awareness to smash those flags so that they don’t get too close to him and draw a death flag. He is introduced to a girl with no flags and a girl with seemingly limitless flags.

First Look: No Game, No Life

Our story follows two siblings who are so good at gaming they have become an urban legend. They receive an invitation from the god of another world and unwittingly accept. They soon find themselves trapped in a world where everything is decided by playing games. Is this heaven or hell for our sibling pair? Will they even want to go home?

First Look: Selector Infected WIXOSS

A young girl who lives with her grandmother receives a card game with the promise that it will help her make friends. She doesn’t wish to worry her grandmother so she decides to take the gift. The twist is that the cards are alive and will grant a wish to the ultimate winner of the game.