Tokyo Ravens: Episode 4


Recap: Harutora starts school life and meets his familiar.

Iro’s Thoughts:
I didn’t much like Harutora before, but this episode cemented him into several of those boring shonen protagonist cliches we’re all too familiar with. He’s an idiot (impressed by clothes-hooks) who doesn’t understand any of the magic, but he’s apparently badass enough to have a familiar and probably has more raw strength than any of the other characters. My hopes of having an interesting main character are now gone forever. On the other side of the romance spectrum, Natsume is perhaps the least convincing boy of all time, and consequently the haughty bitch character has a crush on “him”. I fully expect her to start crushing on Harutora after next week, by the way.

This week was heavy on the exposition, particularly with a long interlude of speaking to the principal of Onmyo Prep, who knew Harutora’s ancestor, and lectures by the sketchy-looking peg-leg teacher. Alas, most of it was the same sort of lame morality stuff spouted by most shonen manga. Harutora’s in the right because of friendship and guts, and haughty girl is in the wrong because she’s… well, haughty. Simple enough. On the bright side, Toji is still the most entertaining “best friend” character in recent memory.


Lastly, fan-favorite Kon appears this week (allegedly fan-favorite, anyway, but I imagine yandere-ghost-loli-foxgirls are huge among the target audience), and proves to be mildly entertaining. She’s been featured in the next-episode previews for the past three episodes, so I’m not sure what I expected. I can only assume “proper” familiars like a kitsune or Natsume’s dragon are more powerful than modern CG familiars, but who can say? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Lifesong’s Thoughts:
INFO, INFO, INFO, FOX, NAKED FOX, INFO, CLIFFHANGER. I hope all that information is important to whatever is going to come next because it was tiresome to watch. Also, people at this school really think Natsume is a boy? That is so hard to buy. How long before the tsundere finds Natsume and Harutora being all close and comes to the conclusion that they are gay lovers, thus fueling her hatred of Harutora in the process? It’s totally going to happen, I can feel it.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ravens: Episode 4

  1. When the story is this bad, nothing left to do but to think of ways to alter the story to make it better. I suggest a Ned Stark end which propels the aforementioned “best friend” into the driver’s seat.

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