Space Dandy Episode 3



Broke and bereft of food, Dandy and crew crash on a strange planet, where they must help a beautiful girl escape the clutches of a gaggle of gross aliens.

Zigg’s Thoughts

This is very much an episode of two halves, the first being an increasingly tired fanservice fest and the second an engaging, lovingly over the top super robot spoof. You don’t really need to be a genius to work out which one I preferred. It does feel very much like Space Dandy is leaning very heavily on boobs’n’stuff when it should really just be embracing the silly comedy parts of its premise. I don’t really mind the (already overused) ‘Boobies’ jokes but stuff like the gratuitous camera angles are a little too much for me. I get Dandy being lewd and louche is sort of in his character but that doesn’t mean the show has to constantly stoop to this stuff. less is more.


On the other hand, when the episode does finally kick into gear it’s pretty great. ‘The pretty girl is actually the monster’ is an old but well-tested twist to use and the impressively gross transformation is great and really helps contrast the moe girl with the shockingly disgusting creature. And, predictably, I loved the segment where Dandy’s getaway vehicle turns into a Hawaiian shirt wearing robot and beats the crap out of the monster – great animation and choreography and a really funny joke blended into a decent action sequence. More of that please, and less of what it took to get us there. As it is, this is the weakest episode so far, but still worth a look, provided you’re watching on your own or have friends just as shameless as you are.

Random Observation

  • “Do you notice how he’s a cat?” might be my favourite line from the show so far.
  • In fact, Meow is on great form this episode, what with his hologram obsession and his boast that Betelgeuse is ‘the number one consumer of dried fish flakes in the universe’.


Marlin’s Thoughts

Okay, we get it Space Dandy, there’s a restaurant in your show called Boobies. We don’t need to be reminded of that every five seconds. Seriously, I had to shut off the episode within one minute and then watch the rest of it when I was sure all of my roommates were asleep. While I could see this kind of show becoming popular with american otaku, it is making itself increasingly a show I would never want to show my other friends. This was definitely the weakest offering in the three we’ve been shown so far. There were some good gags but nothing really made me laugh out loud like the first two did. At least the action was pretty solid once again. I like that Space Dandy just has this giant arsenal of stuff only he knows about. In most shows it would be a cop out, but in a goofy series like this it works well to its advantage. I also like the continuing theme of having one or all parts of the crew die and then continuing on next week like it never even happened. Let’s just hope there’s a little less Boobies next week.


Gee’s Thoughts

While the fanservice is getting tiresome, I can’t help but love the goofy space adventure antics that Dandy and his crew go through every week. Some pretty great gags too this week. Dandy and Meow fighting over the disguised Deathgerian was pretty hilarious, if only just to see how cool/uncool Dandy really is. Also, Meow acting like a cat despite his best attempts to not be catlike. The alien speaking in gangsta speak was also pretty entertaining and definitely an example of how to make a dub stand on its own. Of course, the true highlight of the episode was when Space Dandy decides to go full Gurren Lagann, complete with transformations and Inazuma Kicks. Am I easily won over by giant robots? Of course. Does that make it any less entertaining? I don’t think so. Once again, we have an episode ending somewhat inconclusively without it being addressed. It makes me wonder if they’re going to bother or if Meow is just gonna show up next week perfectly fine. Either way, here’s hoping for more rad space adventures.

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