World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Episode 2


Gee’s Thoughts

After the crazy antics of last week, things are a little more toned down this episode…well, as toned down as a show about lolis trying to take over the world can be. Asuta Jimon continues to be the hapless protagonist with barely anything resembling independent agency. I was especially pleased that he had the guts to call out eye patch girl on her shitty cooking. The serious-girl-who-can’t-cook archetype is so cliche, and there was no helping that, but at least one finally got called out on said shitty cooking.

The subplot with White Light trying to uncover the secrets of Zvezda kinda had me groaning though. I get the whole point is that she’s stupid enough to be distracted by random events before seeing the ridiculously obvious sign and secret lair, but it may have been a little dumb, even for me. Still, it’s kinda nice getting to know the rest of the cast, even if they’re all weird as hell and I don’t entirely agree with their choices of fashion. Eye patch sword chick and giant skull guy are still my favorite characters. I want to see more of them. Overall, I’m ready to give Zvezda one more episode, though I’m not sure what I’ll do with this show after that.


Marlin’s Thoughts

This show’s tone is really weird. I still am not quite sure what they’re going for here. I get that it’s supposed to be like a quirky family situation ala Sakurasou, but in the context of the world conquest plot I don’t get the point. The only real situation I can see is that Kate grew up without a family, and perhaps this whole world conquest idea was just something she created to gather people around her. It would explain the weird emphasis on doing things all families would this episode, and how the unit acts more like a family than any kind of organization.

I do agree with Gee that it’s nice to see a terrible cook finally get called out for her terribleness. That’s one of the most annoying tropes in anime, but at least they had the guts to have her own up to it. The MC being a master chef is really stupid but at least it gives a good excuse for the two of them to grow closer. I kind of wonder if these kinds of episodes are going to be the norm, rather than actually taking over the world. It would fit the Evil con Carne feel I had with the first episode, with the silly world conquerors messing up their own plans so often that they usually have to be the ones to save the world from themselves.

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