Sabagebu! Special Mission 1 OVA



Obligated to thank the people who bought the blurays, the Survival Game Club heads out to Miou’s Summer home and crank the fan service meter to 11.


Is this episode a parody of the traditionally fan service heavy OVA bonus episode or is it ACTUALLY a fan service heavy OVA episode? The answer is yes. While the series itself kept that kind of thing in check most of the time (it is originally based on a shoujo manga after all) The Otaku finally win as the girls are stripped down in all kinds of ways. Urarara continues her Kuroko Shirai impersonation as she attempts to molest Momoka with her panties on her head, Maya is attacked by eels, Momoka somehow ends up in a bunny outfit… pretty much what you’d expect if Sabagebu went totally off the deep end of the ecchi pool.


Fortunately the show’s sense of humor remains intact, and that makes this worth the watch if you can put up with the creep factor. The Fourth Wall breaking reaches new heights as the narrator can’t help but acknowledge this is a fan service OVA episode, but more importantly the irreverent tone that I love so much about this series shines through. For example the girls are deliberately dressed up in school swimsuits, but that quickly devolves into a very unsexy discussion about how one handles one’s business if they have to go in one of those things. It’s also still supremely amusing to see the team’s complete lack of remorse at sacrificing each other, particularly in the end when Urarara is casually eaten by sharks with almost no acknowledgement. I’m sure that was totally an imaginary skull floating to the surface…

I really wish this could have just been a bonus episode of Sabagebu without the skeevy bits but I suppose even those are kept relatively inoffensive by fan service OVA standards. What this ultimately does is remind me how much I really loved this show and its bold sense of humor. Between this and the fantastic Nozaki-kun, Summer 2014 really was a great season for breaking the anime comedy mold. I already miss it.

sabagebu_OVA_3Marlin’s Thoughts

It was just plain weird watching this episode. Probably the biggest reason I found it strange to have a big fanservice episode is that Sabagebu’s art style never really lent itself to very sexy art in the first place. Sure, Maya was exploited all the time, but the joke of the exploitation always came through more than the fanservice factor. Now we have our characters being modeled with way more curvaceous detail than usual, and it just looks off. I guess if I remember right they had Maya suffer bondage-esque exploitation before, but the eels just went to a whole different level of skeevy.

At least the episode didn’t totally compromise its roots for fanservice. There were still a few chuckles to be had here and there. Urarara’s perviness got a few laughs, and I particularly love whenever they treat Urarara’s death with zero dignity. The fanservice did feed into a few good gags, like the 4th wall breaking with the narrator and the completely unnecessary bunny girl strip. Overall this wasn’t on par with one of Sabagebu’s good episodes, but it could have been a lot worse.

One thought on “Sabagebu! Special Mission 1 OVA

  1. A yes a “fan service” episode a la Sabagebu. It almost seemed a given. It still maintained a great deal of what made Saba so great.

    But in the end you gotta give the fanboys what they want: Questionably naked youth.

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