Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Episode 9 & 10



Favaro and company have a heavy trip in the forest and find themselves chatting with a dragon, while Jean D’Arc is punished for being a witch. Amira may have finally made it to Helheim?

Euri’s thoughts

We’ve been talking about Rage of Bahamut a lot as we figure out what our top ten anime of 2014 list looks like, and I honestly thought that because this show is being split into two cour, we’d end up with a first half ending that just wasn’t up to the same standards as the rest of the show. Sure, there would be some cliffhanger and whatever, but nothing quite as impactful as what I hope the ultimate resolution to be. I’m now convinced that I’m worrying too much, becauseĀ I’d have been perfectly happy had episode 10 been the final episode of the half.


Jean D’Arc’s fall from grace is quick and hits hard, with a little foul play having her imprisoned as a witch. It also doesn’t help that the king of Anatae is horribly jealous and incredibly incompetent, but this is a fantasy anime so it was either that or perfection. What’s most interesting is when she’s being burnt at the stake, as we get to see just how the civilians are reacting to it. They don’t take the king at his word, and they strike back without fear over the repercussions. Had it ended there with Jean’s death, I think we would have seen Anatae in revolt. Now that she’s a witch, it’ll be interesting to see whether they continue to be wary of the king or not.

Next up on the list of ‘fucking awesome things that happened in the span of two episodes’ is the appearance of a dragon who isn’t hostile. There’s been plenty of talk about Bahamut and how evil he is, but the existence of dragons all up hasn’t really been addressed. Yeah, there have been a few creature ridden into battle, but nothing on the same tier as Bahamut in the ‘looking like a dragon’ category. Until now, anyway. I’m sure the dragon will come back into the story in the future as I think there’s a lot that still needs to be addressed, and the suggestion to kill Amira isn’t really an awful decision in the grand scheme of saving the world from annihilation. Perhaps the decision to chill out and observe will be reversed towards the climax of the series.


The confrontation with Martinet and Beelzebub is of course the highlight of the two episodes, and Amira’s short-lived reunion with her mother was absolutely heartbreaking, but I think it raises a few questions about what’s actually going on. Martinet was the one that told Amira to head to Helheim, which is fine and all, but why did he not just go pick her up immediately after she got the god key, before meeting Favaro? I’m not entirely sure why she needed to do a bit of journeying, given that it seems like extra risk of losing the key. It seems very likely that Lavelley was Martinet all along, given he got them out of the castle, he handed over the extra pendant (which we now know was giving Amira false memories) and attended the king immediately after that knight was murdered. By telling Amira to head to Prudisia they were able to intercept the trio and take the god key, so I’m wondering what exactly the reason for holding off was. Perhaps waiting for Bahamut to be more uncontrollable? Or securing Jean to fight for their side before acting?

What I now want to know is where Lucifer fits into all of this. I don’t think he’ll roll over and let Beelzebub just do whatever he likes, but will he want Bahamut to stay sealed or launch his own attack? It seems unlikely that the angels are going to stop without a fight, but is there anyone there that would agree to work with a demon to seal Bahamut.

Ah, what am I saying. Now that Favaro is a demon we’ll get Kaisar as an angel and they’ll seal Bahamut. You heard it here first.

One thought on “Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Episode 9 & 10

  1. This show is really excellent. I really wasn’t all that on the band wagon until half way through but these two eps including 11 were really stunning. Visually, emotionally (Amira,,,,UGH!), and the action. My god the action!

    I’m a little worried they made Heaven so god damned ignorant, or useless. Take your pick. How the fuck has all of this happened under their noses and they are completely unawares? To be so utterly and thoroughly out flanked by beelzebub just stinks of complete incompetence. All of ep11 I was just thinking “Was heaven so consumed with containing Bahamut that they totally ignored the demons and their scheming? Why would heaven ignore scheming demons?!?!!”

    Maybe I missed something?

    P.S. The way Amira says “fava” is too cute.

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