All Your Monies: December 15th 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’ve got a magical boy, a miniature archer and a maroon ninja.

ARTFX J Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Kotobukiya, May 2015, ¥11,000

FIGURE-009500_01 (1)



Timmy: The gang here had some great things to say about Kotobukiya’s Sakura a few weeks back and most of that praise applies to her boy toy Syaoran as well. The dynamic pose and sculpt, the flashy green and yellow paint, and that all really stand out, He isn’t the cheapest thing but given the scale and all the detail he looks to be totally worth the money.

Chris: What a fantastic figure! The pose, the colours, the base, the not-dead face that many other figures suffer from… it’s truly difficult to find fault with it. I’m going to go ahead and pre-emptively criticise supply, because this is bound to sell out. Buy while you still can.

Colons: The sculpting here is wonderful, but under that omnipresent studio lighting it looks a little like they overdid the shadowing on that right sleeve. To my video-game trained eyes, it looks a bit like overzealous ambient occlusion. There are shots in that set with some more dramatic lighting that reduces that somewhat, though, and that slanty stand is neat. Kurapika looks *awesome* in green.

Nendoroid Archer (Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works)
Good Smile Company, April 2015, ¥3,426


Zigg: It seems insane that it’s taken this long to make a Nendoroid of Archer, but at least the end result was worth it, with a very faithful representation of the character. Good Smile have even gone the extra mile to make him one of the knee-and-elbow jointed ‘Super Movable’ versions, but I’ve never really seen the point of this. If you want poseability, buy a figma. Nendoroids are for standing around looking cute and derpy. Aside from that, the only thing I can really ding this figure for is the lack of acessories. Sure, swords and bows look good but they’re also practically obligatory. Most criminal is the lack of any Unlimited Blade Works effects part, something that the other Nendroroid Archer did indeed get in the form of a custom Gate of Babylon part.

Timmy: Not a ton of accessories  but at the same time you don’t need a ton of money which is a nice trade off. Super pose able too though that is sometimes better in principle then practice as all those joints are more likely to move when bumped. Overall a nice release but missing that extra something that a Unlimited Blade Works themed additon would provide.

Chris: As Zigg mentions, it does seem insane that it’s taken so long for an Archer Nendoroid, but that’s because he’s male. For one reason or another there just isn’t that much of a market for male Nendoroids, unless you’re a Vocaloid anyway. But hey, it works out for the better, because Nendoroid build quality is better than it has ever been. Most of my collection are round based and flimsily held up, none of this crazy arm nonsense. And don’t get me started on the Light Nendoroid, which I had on its head for a year of uni due to it being too top heavy and having a shit base.

Colons: All of his faces are angry :<

figma Hanzo Hattori (Sengoku Taisen)
Max Factory, June 2015, ¥5,000


Zigg:I have absolutely no idea who this guy is but he looks incredibly rad and that’s more than enough for me. It’s a nice change from the slightly dainty figma norm too – something this big, chunky and flashy is more what I would consider S.H. Figuarts territory. The level of detail and fine paintwork is definitely a figma calling card though, and I love the swirling scarf. Any figure that comes with sound effects bubbles is also a win in my book.

Timmy: Not familiar with this dude nor do I know much about the show itself really, but I know good things when I see them and Hattori looks great here. Lots of fine detail and paint to match it. As always joints are present but they don’t look too terrible here. A tad pricey though but the level of detail presented may be enough to warrant it.

Chris: Not familiar with whatever incarnation of Hattori Hanzo this is, but by the looks of it, it’s a JoJo character. Or as good as. 

Colons: In a shop in Nakano, someone was selling what looked like a home-made set of accessories for some Persona 4 figures which consisted of printouts of cinematic crops of their eyes held in front of the characters on transparent stands, to look like the summoning overlay. I almost died when I saw it. Since then, I’ve had a thing for figures with floating text or illustrations on transparent plastic. It’s such a dumb gimmick, but to see it as part of an otherwise excellent figure makes me tremendously excited. Also that cape is awesome. It’s a shame that I, too, have no idea who this is.

Kiryu Mikage (Space Battleship Yamato 2199)
Megahouse, April 2015, ¥10,690 (Exclusive)


Zigg: I like the pose, as knee-breaking as it is, because there’s a lot of energy and get up and go in it. The face is pretty decent too, but there’s only so much Megahouse can do to spice up these Yamato figures considering they all wear the same outfit basically. Making this an exclusive seems a little grabby too.

Timmy: As has become the norm now, Megahouse’s newest Yamato girl looks pretty great while wearing pretty much the same thing as their countless other ladies. Pose is nice as is the face, and the headphones help at adding a little uniqueness to the otherwise similar outfits on display throughout most of the line. Exclusive status does hinder this a little bit though, but if you have all the rest already, or if Mikage is your favorite girl I don’t see why that would stop you.

Chris: I quite like this, though I feel it’s perhaps a bit pricey for what you get. Nice pose and curves akin to a humans, so top marks there. I’m not familiar with the character but the face looks a little off, but hey, I’m being picky. Also, her knees would be fine. She’s in space and she can do silly hops whenever she likes. 

Colons: I have the same problems with this that I have with the recent FREEing yukata figures; it’s just boring. At least this one is painted like it actually has a third dimension.

Suguha Kirigaya Swimsuit ver./Asuna Yuuki Bikini ver. (Sword Art Online Extra Edition)
Aniplex, June 2015, ¥9,800 each (Exclusives)


Zigg: From a purely objective standpoint, these aren’t terrible. You’re not paying too much money for what are heftily sized 1/6 figures and there’s nothing egregiously wrong about the sculpts. I could point out the very basic palettes, the lack of detailing or the fact that they have waists thinner than their heads, but that’s not really going to deter the target market. From an analytical viewpoint, why is Suguha’s swimsuit so shiny? I’m pretty sure school swimsuits are not made from latex. From an unobjective standpoint EWWWWWWWW.

Timmy: Surprisingly nice, and I quite like Asuna with that long, detailed ponytail over her shoulder and striped bikini. Body sculpts, faces and hair in general on both are all pleasing as well, though same can’t be said about the alternate expressions. Suguha swimsuit is also distractingly shiny and while I doubt it is actually suppose to look wet it might actually make for an interesting effect if she were photographed waist deep in water. Exclusive is always a downer but at least the price for each of these seems fair enough, especially considering the larger 1/6th scale.

Chris: These seem alright, I guess, but I still feel pretty good that I haven’t seen any SAO besides single episode of the second season on live Japanese TV. Anyway, didn’t protag go around as a lady for that season? Do a bikini figure for him. You’re welcome.

Colons: Zigg’s ‘unobjective’ standpoint is objective and this is just plain ol’ gross.

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