Sound! Euphonium Episode 2

euph2b “Nice to Meet You, Euphonium”

Tuesdays at 1:00 pm EDT on Crunchyroll

Kumiko is still agonizing over her reconciliation with Reina. Meanwhile, everyone finally picks their instruments, and the VP is the best character once again. With a new conductor in town, it seems changes will come to the band.

Marlin’s thoughts

Man, I just do not get this Kumiko/Reina deal. I get that she’s a bit embarrassed by what she said, and wants to make up, but I don’t get why she’s so wishywashy on how to deal with it. I guess it might be to garner sympathy from the audience? Kinda like a “Oh look, she’s so awkward, isn’t that cute?” Personally I’d find that kinda pandering insulting, but then again I think we’ve proven throughout the years that we are not the typical audience for any anime. At this point I’m not even sure how you insert her into the main cast. She still doesn’t seem to care about Kumiko, and it’s not like Hazuki or Sapphire really have a stake in being her friend. Beyond that, what I’m really worried about is that the red string in the ED is implying some kind of lesbian subtext. I didn’t get any indication of that from the first episode, so this show would have to do a lot to justify that kind of characterization by the end.

It’s interesting that these kids get to pick their instruments as late as high school. In my experience, once you pick one you’re kinda locked in for life. It makes sense financially as well as just logically, since in America you usually rent instruments until you own them outright, which can be pretty expensive, and the amount of time you put in training with one instrument would be hard to replicate with a brand new one unless it’s in the same family. Granted, I did know a lot of people who didn’t own their own instrument by that time, which would allow you to switch around. This sequence definitely solidified Asuka’s spot as the most fun part of this story. Sure, she’s a little unrealistically spazzy, but she brings a lot of good energy to the show, and definitely is the source of its best jokes.


I can definitely sympathize with the idea of just wanting to make memories. In high school, I went from one of the top high school marching programs in the state to a brand new school with only freshman and sophomore members. The level of difference and difficulty in our practices was very noticeable. I definitely am a competitive person, so that change was hard to adjust to. That said, I still came to enjoy my later time in band because I made many friends and it was always a source of fun in what was at the time a very drudging part of my life. I can’t blame Aoi for wanting to keep things are instead of ramping up practice in a way some people probably won’t be able to deal with.

This last message was the first time I felt this show was going for a message. While Kumiko is certainly not your typical KyoAni protagonist, she still suffers from a distinct lack of drive that would make watching her story interesting. With the new teacher coming in, it feels like there could actually be a good story cropping up over her reservations about band and a desire to play well. As for Adult Houtarou(seriously try and tell me that’s not what he looks like) I’ll be waiting on him to see if I want to keep talking about this show seriously. A strong director has to be one that not everyone’s going to like. Now that the band has chosen the harder route, I wonder how long it will be before we see him crack down on them.

2 thoughts on “Sound! Euphonium Episode 2

  1. hope they don’t do the yuri subtext because it would just be pandering besides right now I only see kumiko and reina as acquaintances was it like that in the orginal novel the subtext?

    • Unfortunately I know as much as you do as far as the novel is concerned. What I’m really puzzled about is how they will progress time. I can’t see any possible way this band makes it to nationals in one year, but it has the feeling of a sports movie type plot where the plucky underdogs fight up to become champions.

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