First Look: Yuri!!! On ICE

Anime Original by Mappa Streaming on Crunchyroll Premise Yuri Katsuki is a professional figure skater. After an embarrassing loss in one of skating’s top tournaments, he gets in a rut and ends up moving back to his hometown. Determined to shake his depression, his renewed passion unintentionally draws the attention of his idol, world champion Victor Nikiforov.


First Look: www.Working!!

Daisuke Higashida is forced to get a part-time job after his dad’s company goes out of business. With his options limited, he decides to apply at the local Wagnaria, which as a chain, and in a remarkable moment of sensibility in an utterly senseless show, is a totally different restaurant from the original. Here, he meets some one dimensional weirdos that you hope will be fleshed out but probably won’t, and has a beatific vision of St. Valentine. Not lying about that last part, by the way.


First Look: Orange

High school student Naho receives a letter that claims to have been written by her future self. Though skeptical at first, Naho is surprised when the letter correctly predicts that a new transfer student is joining her class that day. Worried by the letter’s ominous vision of her future, she decides to follow its instructions in order to prevent its future of origin from ever happening.


First Look: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright is a rookie defense attorney in the near-future Los Angeles (like seriously, the first game is set in this coming year), where trials are only given three days to find a culprit. With the help of his mentor Mia Fey, he starts his legal career clearing the name of his scoundrel of a best friend, Larry Butz.