All Your Monies: April 20th 2015


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Marlin) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week Timmy steps back in to feature some pretty ladies who know how to kick butt, along with one who would probably be better off if she did.

Matoi Ryuko (Kill La Kill)
Good Smile Company, October, ¥11,852



Timmy: Personally I am pretty Kill La Killed out but I admit I like the fact they are still figures from it. Everything on ultimate Ryuko is as flashy as it should be and I like the loud colors that contrast with her skin tones. The yellow wing things are neat as well and the price isn’t terrible, but like I said the novelty has worn off on me.

Jel: As much as I loved the last episode of Kill la Kill, does anyone care about this outfit? I mean Ryuko only wears it for a few minutes. It’s really just the Super Saiyan version of the normal Senketsu outfit and I don’t find it that interesting. The actually sculpt looks OK and I like the shading and translucent effects but I just can’t get excited for this.

Marlin: Despite how utterly ridiculous and raunchy it was, I still liked the Senketsu and its stupid miniskirt. The final form combined her normal dress with the stupid skintight loincloth of Junketsu, which is kinda disgusting nomatter how you look at it. The face also looks kinda off for Ryuko. I do like that the stand is trying to make it look like she’s floating, but if they wanted to recreate it fully we’d need a goofy looking Shinra-Koketsu to go with.

Yuki Yuna (Yuki Yuna is a Hero)
Alter, September, ¥11,800



Timmy: I was the only one who really liked Freeing’s version of her a few weeks back, but even I have to admit that Alter’s take on Yuki is vastly superior. From the flowing hair and billowing cape thing to the serious business expression and clenched fist, it all makes you feel a little sorry for the hapless foe she is about to pummel. Despite the fact those bits of black and that splash of red help to add some variety to her color, she is still awfully pink, and that will probably turn some people off. She is great if you can dig it though, and with her price not too far fetched I find myself a little tempted as well .

Jel: We told you a couple weeks ago to hold off on FREEing’s boring version and wait for Alter’s take on Punchy Madoka. So here you go, our point still stands. Yuki looks so awesome that I’m willing to forgive the monochrome pink color palette, with a killer pose and a simple design that has just enough detail to keep things interesting. The ribbon and skirt/cape thing (whatever you want to call it) are obvious highlights, but the little touch of metal armor anchoring the otherwise light, free flowing design is my favorite part. Really great work.

Marlin: See, this. This is what I was talkin’ about. Look at that confident pose, ready to kick some witch Vertex butt in their barrier weird hyperspace dimension thing. All kidding aside, she is a cool figure, and the dull color scheme is a bit more forgivable when life is injected into it. Everything is molded to have a great sense of kinetics, and her face matches her determined pose. I’m a little weirded out at how detailed the crotch area that is, but I suppose this figure does have to appeal to the lowest common denominator too.

Erina Der Vogelweide (God Eater 2)
Plum, July, ¥12,500



Timmy: If you didn’t already notice, God Eater characters have some big ass weapons, and Plum have been one of the better companies at putting those weapons and characters into figure form. It seems like that isn’t changing with Erina here, seeing as her weapon almost doubles her height and both it and her look pretty great. I really like her outfit, as it is simple but very nicely done. Her expression looks great as well as she sizes up whoever is about to get that giant thing pointed in their direction. And of course the absurd weapon looks stunning. I just wish they had a better way to prop it up, as that brace, and base in general, are pretty mundane and distracting.

Jel: Part of me wants to say these God Eater figures are getting out of hand but… yeah, still pretty cool. Maybe I’m just swayed by the fact that she looks suspiciously like my favorite lucky girl or maybe it’s the lance thing she’s holding that looks like a GIANT BLUE MISSILE. The red gloves and thigh highs add a nice contrast too, making this just the right amount of crazy. I hope that’s just a temporary base though, I’d love to see a more creative way to prop up her weapon.

Marlin: I’m a little sick of the God Eater girls and their ridiculously short skirts. I’d say the spear looks cool but to me it just seems like it’s aping off the Lancer in Valkyria Chronicles. Still, that doesn’t take away from how well detailed it is. I’d imagine it working out great just to use it with other figures. The girl herself seems a little bland in her beige Index sweater vest and beret, so it also helps that she is immaculately detailed. All together seems like not a bad deal for that price.

Little Red Riding Hood (Reflex FairyTale -Another-)
Myethos, July, ¥8,800


Timmy: I still don’t have a definite opinion of this Fairy Tale series or Myethos in general for that matter. Riding Hood’s sculpt looks great and the color in general looks good, but she seems to lack a little bit in the shading department. Myethos’s Snow White seemed to come out OK though, with some occasional minor sculpt and paint issues reported. I do generally like them but I have yet to take the plunge on them. At the very least they are priced pretty reasonably and won’t cost an arm and a leg if I or anyone else decides to do so.

Jel: There’s something very cheap and plastic about this. It’s probably the complete lack of shading in the paint job, not to mention her complete lack of skin tone. I guess the overall design is kind of nice but I feel like we’ve seen enough Sexy Red Riding Hoods at this point. Might look good if they touch up that paintwork, but kind of meh otherwise.

Marlin: The cape is by far the worst thing about this product. Looks like she is trying to cover herself with a fruit roll-up. The skirt also looks like something out of a halloween slutty costume section and her hair is way too undetailed to be that long. It does at least have a pretty base, but said base really has nothing to do with Red Riding Hood. Complete misstep if you ask me.

Hera-Ur (Puzzle & Dragons)
Good Smile Company, September, ¥15,000


Timmy: Hera has a lot going on here, and most of it is pretty good. I especially like the contrast between her blue skin and the red and yellow, well, everything else, and the paint on everything looks pretty spot on in general. The wispy flame effects and balls of fire both look great as does her magnificent scarlet mane and I would say GSC pretty much nailed this one on everything but the price. Even that probably isn’t going to hold most people interested back though as she might actually be worth it.

Jel: When I think “Hera” from Greek mythology this is probably the furthest from what comes to mind. That being said, this is certainly a… spectacle. The colors are incredibly bold with the extreme contrast of the blood red and her pale blue skin, and if that wasn’t enough to get your attention there’s the swirling fire and her provocative outfit. Personally I want nothing to do with this but if Hera is an indication of the quality we can expect from the long awaited Valkyrie or a sign we may see some of P&D’s other fantastic designs in the future, I’m at least encouraged.

Marlin: I’m not really a fan of blue skinned babes in general, and this one is no different. It doesn’t help that she looks plain goofy. I imagine this is a side effect of taking her from a mobile game, but it doesn’t do her any favors. The fire swirling around her is obnoxious to the point of somehow taking your focus away to the flaming Daisy Duke wearing reinterpretation of the Queen of gods. This thing has “whale” written all over it if you ask me.


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