All Your Monies: March 17th 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’ve got ladies in yellow, blue, pink…

Beach Queens Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
Wave, September, ¥4,980/7,100 (Be-J exclusive version)

FIGURE-005116_01 (1)

Zigg: This follows the recent trends of Beach Queens that are actually pretty cool. I love Ryuko’s happy, energetic expression, which is a nice change from her normal brooding self, and the pose is energetic if perhaps a little anatomically impractical (check out how thin her waist is compared to her hips!). Having Senketsu hanging off her arm is what really makes this one stand out though, and he looks just as good as she does. My major issue here is price – five thousand yen is too much for a 1/10 figure in my eyes, and the exclusive version is an awesome exercise in taking the piss.

Jel: I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Beach Queen nail the concept art as well as Ryuko here. In fact I think it’s safe to say the quality of Beach Queens overall has been improving of late, so apparently people are buying them. I’m not digging the yellow bikini as it doesn’t match Ryuko at all, but I’d say having Senketsu around makes up for it. The only other thing I’d point out is her right hand looks really awkward and now I can’t unsee it, but overall though, this is nice work.

Aqua: Hey, do you want to pay over 2,000 yencoins for a tiny Scissor Blade replica? I bet you do! I always thought the yellow bikini looked weird on Ryuko because it’s an oddly bright colour for her, let alone the fact that she isn’t either scowling, kicking someone’s ass or looking positively embarrassed. I prefer my Ryuko too cool for school, but that hardly makes this figure any less well-made. Ridiculous waist-to-hip ration aside, Wave are still the best at shading bare skin — for what it’s worth, and Senketsu is an adorable addition. Not exactly the Kill la Kill figure I’ve been waiting for, but at least it’s the least kinky one up until now. Yeah, seriously.

Timmy: Ryuko turned out great, with the face, sculpt, pose, and Senketsu all looking really nice. Her face and that hair especially and I hope Wave can keep the quality up on the production run, and at the price they are asking for they had damn well better. The exclusive one should be 5k yen tops, 7 is pretty much highway robbery.

Hayate Yagami Summer Holiday ver. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)
Alter, August, ¥12,080


Zigg: I actually think this looks really nice. Hayate’s outfit is smart, the cast off feature both makes sense and is pretty tasteful given the context, and the extras are delightful, especially mini swimsuit Reinforce. I’d have gladly endorsed this figure at say, 8 or 9k, but at that price it becomes a much more difficult sell. I’m always willing to pay a premium for Alter’s work but this figure isn’t that good.

Jel: Is Alter seriously STILL making Nanoha swimsuit figures? I’m not saying we have to always pull from our short term memory for what gets greenlit, but they’re still cranking out figures from an anime that aired 7 or 8 years ago. I must admit this is a pretty tasteful rendition of Hayate who is apparently on her way to a beach picnic, but it just doesn’t seem to live up to Alter’s formerly lofty standards. Her shirt and denim shorts look surprisingly flat, as does her wicker bag which seems to lack any significant texture to it. Overall it’s just kind of… boring. This would be a fine figure for other companies but it’s kind of disappointing for Alter.

Aqua: Whoa, so this is what happened to Yui Hirasawa after she went to college? Am I the only one who feels Alter is cheating us with these 12,000 yen, because this is essentially a bigger size Beach Queen. The pose is rather boring and there is just nothing flashy about it that can in any way justify that price tag. It’s not even a very good figure, what with that incredibly fake looking straw hat and basket. This is a picnic you can miss out on.

Timmy: I have long since been the owner of Alter’s Nanoha and Fate, so Hayate has a lot of appeal for me and I think they did a really nice job on her. The cast off features and accessories are all great touches that no doubt bolster the price, but 12k yen still caught me a little off guard; I was expecting around 10. In the end I felt all that along with the very cute inclusion of Reinforce pushed the value up just high enough for me to get her, though it was just barely. I am expecting nothing short of sheer perfection out of the production run, Alter.

Super Sonico Rock’n’Roll Valentine ver. (Original)
Wing, August, ¥10,390


Zigg: I….I like this. Shocking I know right? OK, Sonico still is one of the dumbest characters with one of the dumbest chests in all of anime, but there’s plenty of cool stuff here. The chocolate guitar is a stupid yet fun idea that’s been executed really well and I like the contrast of the brown chocolate, the blue bikini and Sonico’s pink hair. Most importantly though, this is actually a figure where she looks like she’s having fun. So many Sonico figures just have her smiling wanly or in a sort of blank trance. Here she looks excited, energetic and alive. That’s very important in any figure.

Jel: This is pretty cool by Sonico standards as the chocolate guitar and base are really creative and sculpted well enough to look edible. Sonico herself is beautifully sculpted, from the way her bikini bottom hugs her hips right down to the paint on her toenails. Now if only those balloon breasts were somewhere in the realm of human possibility instead of distracting from the rest of the figure, I could give this a better recommendation. Seriously, they don’t even seem to be attached to her body but instead look like two balls glued to her chest. I will never understand that.

Aqua: Oh mai gah, it is Sonico-chan, the sugoi kawaii mascot-chan with big oppai that go doki doki all over the goddamn place Jesus fucking Christ I hate Sonico why does she exi– Anyway, that chocolate guitar has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen, but it does make for an original figure — let alone a crazy Valentine’s Day gift. The infectiously cheerful pose is a huge plus, and if anything I have to give Wing credit for putting way too much effort into making Sonico’s breasts look like they’ve been animated by the Gainax of the eighties. Sadly enough, this isn’t a figure of Noriko Takaya, it’s one of Sonico. Ugh, Sonico.

Timmy: I adore what I see here. There is so much energy and enthusiasm present to easily win me over and her face is really, really cute, which also scores huge in my book. Then there is a chocolate guitar. I repeat, a chocolate freaking guitar! She turned out great with the blue, pink, and brown color combo looking really nice, and the included chocolate splatter stickers add some great customization. The only thing I don’t see that bothers me are a second pair of chocolate covered hands but otherwise it is a really nice package. If Hayate hadn’t already taken my August money I would have preordered Sonico already. Though it is still quite likely I will end up getting her in the future.

Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)
Ques Q, June, ¥11,080


Zigg: Sculpt is OK, although I’m not a huge fan of the weird energy base. As ever with AoT figures there’s been a bunch of detail put into the 3DMG and it does indeed look great. Really though that long, curiously misshapen face is hideous and kills all my interest. There are way better options either outer there or due along shortly.

Jel: While the pose might be a little weird and the swirly magic base is kind of out of place, there’s a lot to love about this version of Mikasa. In particular I absolutely LOVE her face, the expression is flawless. Her gear is lovingly recreated as well, but I must admit her jacket and hair could use a little work. I would still save my cash for the upcoming Good Smile Company version, especially at this price point, but Ques Q is certainly giving them a fight with this figure.

Aqua: Sweet pose? Check. Great coloring? Check. Astonishing eye for detail? Check. Affordable price? Oh yeah. Bizarre lipstick mouth? Just like in the show! This is the Mikasa figure you’ve been looking for.

Timmy: Mikasa is looking pretty nice here, although the face seems a little off to me and the base effects should probably be clear to indicate a swirling mass of air instead of blue which looks like water. Not a bad figure but I would recommend holding off and seeing what GSC has in store before committing.

Sakura Miku (Vocaloid)
Hobby Japan/Good Smile Company, October, ¥7,980 (bundled with Figure Japan magazine)


Zigg: OK, the pink is totally overwhelming, but as a cool looking novelty item, this actually isn’t too bad. The giant twintails are as cool as they ever were and the pearlescent paint they’ve opted for give this a nice glossy sheen. 1/10 is too small for serious consideration for me, and the fact it’s a magazine bundle makes this unnaturally expensive, but I can definitely see this having a place with a dedicated Miku collection.

Jel: AHHHHH MY EYES!!! IT BURNS!!! I’ve always thought Sakura Miku set back good design several years, but she was at least easy to write off as a nendoroid. As a scale figure, it must be eliminated. Seriously, it’s not even a new sculpt but a recolor of GSC’s original Miku scale design. About the only possible positive I’ll give it is the little cherries that tie up her twin tails, but that’s it, get this thing out of here.

Aqua: It’s Miku. She’s pink this time. It doesn’t look very good on her, but I don’t think that matters very much. You can buy her with money and display her with all your other Mikus. Most, in fact, will not be pink. So that seems to be what sets this particular Miku apart from others. She’s pink. Yup.

Timmy: There is a lot of pink here and it is a tad overwhelming, otherwise this miku looks pretty nice and I am digging the shiny paint choices. If you like Sakura Miku and want a scale this looks to be a fine figure, though she is a little pricey considering the 1/10th scale thanks to the magazine.

Figuarts ZERO Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)
Bandai, August, ¥10,800 (Tamashii Web Exclusive)


Zigg: I like it! The design is cool, that base is neat and….wait, this isn’t a ¥2500 yen trading figure? They want HOW much? Oh man, perfectly decent figures that cost way too much seems to be a trend this week.

Jel: Hey, a Sailor Moon scale figure! While I’m OK with that becoming a trend, save your money for the inevitable onslaught of much, much better figures after the anime (allegedly) airs this July. This looks like it was made 10 years ago and, unlike the series, that’s not the kind of nostalgia you want to tap into.

Aqua: Sailor Moon figures have finally started to pop up, but I have to say Mercury isn’t looking too shiny here. Her face looks dull and lifeless, and her hair looks like molten plastic. Maybe because it, well, is molten plastic. Also, whatever these blue goobers on her wrists are, the’re unnecessary and they look like someone forgot to cut them off the final product. In the name of the moon, I banish this one to oblivion. Sorry, Ami.

Timmy: Nice, but really unjustifiably pricey. You probably already know if you are getting this or not though.

2 thoughts on “All Your Monies: March 17th 2014

  1. Hm…that Mikasa figure feels a little bit off to me. The base doesn’t really fit with Shingeki no Kyojin as a whole and her face is a tad odd (which isn’t surprising, really, since they seemed to have trouble keeping it consistent in the anime).
    That GSC version Jel linked looks much better in my opinion.

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