All Your Monies: March 23rd 2015


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Marlin) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, Zigg is out doing that convention thing again leaving you all in my capable hands. Miku in a bikini? Saber in a bikini? Looks like a pretty good week to me.

Sinon (Sword Art Online II)
Aquamarine, July, ¥13,000


Timmy: Sinon has been getting a surprisingly amount of tasteful, if not totally badass figures that don’t have her assets as the main focus, and you can definitely add Aquamarine’s addition to that list. She looks pretty great, with the colors all complementing each other well. The shade of green for her outfit and blue for her hair and eyes that they have gone with both look good. The detailing all looks really solid too, with all those creases in her outfit, that sniper rifle, and her flowing scarf are all expertly realized. And her face is a big highlight as well as it looks outstanding. Unfortunately Sinon seems a bit pricy, and the fact that, despite her 1/7th scale listing, the 215mm height listed indicates she is smaller then that and does not help.

Jel: Oh look another Sinon. YAWN. At least this one has a pretty sweet pose that isn’t all about showing off her backside. Also, I don’t know if it’s intentional but she kind of has a weird, stylized look to her face and overall proportions that make the figure a bit more visually interesting. I say a “bit” because there are still plenty of other Sinon figures out there and this one isn’t really different enough to stand out.

Marlin: If you’re going to get any Sinon, might as well get the one that finally has decided to not sickeningly exploit her. She genuinely looks cool with that pose and holding her rifle on her shoulder like a badass. It even somehow manages to make you forget for a second that she wears ridiculous assless chaps, clearly a miracle of modern figure design.

Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden)
Griffon, June, ¥15,556


Timmy: Griffon does occasionally produce some pearls and I would say this is one of them. The drill hair looks great and the gold base and waterpot look really nice as well. And of course the face is very pretty. Unfortunately she is quite expensive on account of all that material in her hair and dress, and that is all the more pressure on Griffon to produce a quality finished product. Their Souseiseki seemed to turn out pretty well so that is a plus.

And yes, we have seen these same sculpts before.

Jel: I’m pretty sure this is a re-release but it is one of the nicer figures that Griffon has made. This is all about that watering can and that giant drill hair, which certainly grab your attention. Now if only you could get it to say “desu”…

Marlin: Is the market for Rozen Maiden still this good? That show is ancient by today’s standards and I remember its sequel anime getting a pretty cold reception. Back when I first got into the simulcasting scene I remember desu being spouted like the plague, just not sure if those people even care anymore. As for the figure itself, the hair looks impeccable, but the face is just weird. I don’t know if she’s supposed to be so pale, but it’s really off-putting.

Hatsune Miku (GOOD SMILE Racing, Vocaloid)
Max Factory, September, ¥14,630


Timmy: The hair and face are definitely the highlights for me here, though admittedly the bikini does look pretty neat with its green accents despite the fact it offers little protection in a motorcycle accident. At least she has a helmet I guess. As is the norm with Max Factory, everything looks pretty amazing and the quality will transfer into the final product. Unfortunately though it seems that is fetching a pretty high premium now a days, which I don’t really see justified in anything here aside from that amazing hair sculpt.

Jel: I… kind of like this. The pose and expression make it look like she’s on the track and a race car just flew by, which is about as appropriate as you can get for a Racing Miku. It’s a lot of fun and the Max Factory craftsmanship is the best in the business, I just wish she was in full racing gear and not a bikini.

Marlin: Man, racing Miku has really opened the floodgates for scantily clad Miku figures, huh? I really like this despite the totally inappropriate bikini. Jel is totally right about how actual racing gear would have been much better. You could have even put her into a skintight tracksuit and I’m sure it would look better cohesively.

Yuki Yuna (Yuki Yuna is a Hero)
FREEing, September, ¥10,926


Timmy: Yuki definitely falls on the cute side of things, but her expression says she is pretty confident she could mop the floor with you too, if she hasn’t already. I am digging the little hints of motion given to her hair and outfit, which really help to make her feel much less static. The colors also look nice, and the black bits in her outfit adds some nice contrast. I definitely like what I see, and it is a really nice contrast to the one Alter is putting out.

Jel: The Madoka Clone That Time Forgot looks pretty cute here, but I’m not sure that’s what I’d want from a Yuki Yuna figure. Shouldn’t she be punching something? I also think her character design is a little too monochromatic, but she looks well made and I’m glad to see we’re still getting figures from slightly less popular anime series.

Marlin: As Timmy pointed out, there’s a much more dynamic figure from Alter that much better encapsulates Yuki’s character. I only saw two episodes of that show and I already know that in her magical girl form it makes way more sense to have her in a cool action pose. Just standing there like a putz doesn’t do anything for me.

Saber Extra (Fate/Extra)
Alter, August, ¥10,800


Timmy: Extra is probably the Saber most fitting personality wise for exotic swimsuit poses and clearly Alter agrees. And in the end I think they did a really nice job with her. That loud bikini looks great and her body sculpt looks really nice as well. But that face with her confident expression is what really sells this for me. She is quite aware she looks good. Scale wise she seems pretty hefty, though the pose knocks the height of that listed 1/6th down a bit. The price on the other hand seems fair enough, which is always nice to see.

Jel: Can I just link the Carnival Phantasm screen I used from the last Saber we had? I guess Saber Extra is at least more colorful than Saber Vanilla and has more uhhh… “qualifications” for a bikini figure. That said there’s not too much else to get excited about here as there are a billion other Saber bikini figures before it.

Marlin: From what I know of Saber Extra this is perfect for her, but honestly are you really going to get a figure of her and not have it be in her ridiculous crotch window dress? At least have the decency to perv to something hilarious than something so in your face like this figure.

Kasumigaoka Utaha (Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend)
Good Smile Company, October, ¥9,074


Timmy: This wouldn’t work as well as it does without someone like GSC behind it. For starters her hair and outfit look very detailed and quite amazing. It is the face though that keeps the pose from becoming irrecoverably creepy. Without that wonderfully teasy expression this would just fall flat on it’s face but because she looks like she knows what she is doing makes this work. The price is also really reasonable for the size, which is a nice surprise.

Jel: Bikini things are one thing but it takes a special brand of perv to shell out $100 for a plastic figure of a teenage girl undressing. I don’t even want to say anything else about it.

Marlin: Speaking of pervs, my god do we have something for you. It saddens me every time a figure comes by like this. One that for all technical quality is absolutely gorgeous and impressive, but then is about something so trashy it ruins any thoughts of purchase. Here we have a schoolgirl undressing for no reason wearing the worlds best molded pleated skirt. The face even works really well all things considered, especially considering the original image makes her seem far less coquettish. Still, the sheer skeev factor overcomes all in the end.

Miki Sayaka, Sakura Kyouko (Madoka Magica)
Aniplex, November, ¥12,000 each (exclusive)


Timmy: It is good to see Aniplex know what they are doing by adding in the touching hands parts for maximum yuri bait, but even without that both of these look fantastic. The color choices of the yukatas are already good, but the elaborate prints are what hammer the point home. And the faces  and hair on both look great, especially with their adornments. The last thing I need is a set of yukata figures but that Kyouko is going to be pretty hard to resist. At least the price and exclusive status will make doing so a little easier.

Jel: Are these the same line as the Good Smile Company ones? They’ve got to at least be based on the same art, right? I’m so confused. Regardless they look great and like the other figures it is all about the color choices. Kyouko has just the right shade of green for maximum contrast without looking like a Christmas tree and Sayaka’s white looks cool and refreshing. Of course being expensive exclusives totally kills them so once again THANKS ANIPLEX.

Marlin: I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. There’s no reason why these two should be romantically linked. They knew each other for like three days and then they both died. Everything post-tv show out of Madoka has been a pretty big disappointment, and the elevation of the SayakaXKyouko ship is one of the absolute worst parts. I’ll also note that Madoka designs just do not translate well to realistic proportions. They just look like someone stuck their stupid football heads onto normal kimono girl figures and it’s just plain weird.

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