First Look: Time Bokan 24


Anime original/remake by Tatsunoko
Streaming on Crunchyroll


The 24th Century Time-Space Administration Bureau has a mission – to travel through time and find the ‘True History’ of every era, disproving the false lies that have been printed in the history textbooks. Ordinary 21st Century middle schooler Tokio is somehow roped into this crazy quest and together with his partner Karen and their motley crew they’ll have to save history from the bad guys.


Zigg’s verdict: Blast from the Past

This was just silly, riotous fun, and an engaging throwback to the days when kids shows were pretty much just about cracking bad jokes, covering the screen with as many bright colours as possible, and flogging cool robot toys. As Tatsunoko did with their previous old property revivals the look and feels of the series has been sympathetically updated in a way that still gives it that engaging retro charm, but also a sharp modern sheen that blend beautifully together. I wasn’t terribly amused by the core premise that makes up this first episode (Manzai routines are a hard sell for me at the best of times) but there’s enough weirdness and great gags in the surrounding that I was still consistently entertained. Very much looking forward to more.


Iro’s verdict: Comedic Timing

Tatsunoko has a surprisingly good track record with their reboots of ancient properties like Casshern Sins, Gatchaman Crowds, and Yatterman Night, but these are all darker and more mature in one way or another. I personally find myself enjoying kids’ shows more often these days, simply because they’re willing to actually be goofy and have fun; Time Bokan 24 fits that bill pretty handily, being colorful, hilarious, and plain silly without a care in the world. Kunio Okawara’s 40-year-old designs stand up surprisingly well to being modernized by Level-5, and giving the Akudarma Trio straight-up the same voices as Yatterman‘s Doronbow gang is a great decision. I’ll definitely be keeping this one on the radar.

2 thoughts on “First Look: Time Bokan 24

  1. wow this show remindes me of Yatterman Night. They are completely differing plots but they seem so similar. Is this the reuslt of the era the anime’s were developed/released?

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