First Look: Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Game Adaptation by Cygames pictures
Streaming on Crunchyroll


A girl named Kokkoro is sent to awaken and serve a sleeping hero, who has forgotten his past. They encounter a girl they call Pecorine (who is I’m assuming is a princess), and the trio travel toward Pecorine’s homeland.

Jel’s verdict: Disconnect

Princess Connect is one of the lesser known properties from the Cygames expanded universe, but you can see the fantasy RPG mobile game DNA all over this one. It lends itself to a couple decent jokes, like keeping the silent protagonist almost completely silent and making him dumb as a brick… well, actually every one in this show is apparently dumb as a brick but I found that funny too. The episode also looks really nice. I’m impressed with the direction Cygames’ internal anime studio is heading in terms of technical quality.

OK, that’s all the nice things I can say. Everything else is just boring, pandering, fluff recycled from a dozen other anime just like it. The plot, characters, and art direction are all things we’ve seen before. Unfortunately that also includes the subservient, silver haired little girl that refers to the player character as “my lord”. It comes off more innocent than your average fantasy anime’s positive depiction of slavery, but the fact that I can even say that sentence makes me want to throw up a little.

Like any of these adaptations, you’ll probably appreciate this anime is if you like the game. For everyone else though, I don’t see much reason to watch.

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