First Look: Sleepy Princess In the Demon Castle

Alternative title(s): Maou-jou de Oyasumi
Manga Adaptation by Doga Kobo
Streaming on Funimation


Princess Syalis has been kidnapped by the Demon King! She doesn’t seem too concerned though. All she cares about is getting a good night’s sleep and she will do anything to make that happen.

Jel’s verdict: Don’t Sleep On This

There’s an early scene in this episode where the princess is contemplating murdering two adorable teddy bears while they cower in fear. She doesn’t want to kill them to escape or any other important reason, she just wants to use them for soft pillow stuffing. It’s a good joke that sets the tone for the rest of the episode. Even if she doesn’t go through with it, Syalis is kind of a terrible person and I love it.

In addition to the playfully dark sense of humor, I also enjoyed the creative setting and premise. Video game based fantasy worlds are a dime a dozen, but creating comedy from the captive princess’ perspective feels fresh. It also looks great. The Demon King’s castle is full of vibrant colors and strange characters that serve as a worthy showcase for the talented folks at Doga Kobo. Really I’m just glad the team behind Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun got something decent to work on for a change.

As much as I enjoyed the first episode, I am very concerned about the series staying funny. The main joke with the princess doing something bad to get a piece of bedding was already starting to get old by the end, so I hope they find some new sources of humor. If they do, this could turn out to be a really solid comedy. I’ll definitely have my eye on it.

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