The GLORIO Chat Episode 102: Winter 2022 Anime First Impressions

episode 102 header

Coming hot off a great year of anime in 2021, 2022 might not be off to the best start. I’m sure we’ll find something to watch, right?

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Show Notes

4:36 World’s End Harem
9:40 Girls’ Frontline
22:35 Slow Loop
27:03 My Dress-Up Darling
32:01 Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department
36:44 Akebi’s Sailor Uniform
44:35 Requiem of the Rose King
48:26 Sasaki and Miyano
51:34 Sabikui Bisco
59:44 Tribe Nine
1:06:22 Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout
1:14:28 Orient
1:20:20 Tokyo 24th Ward
1:29:21 Love of Kill

1:34:19 Who cares about new shows, Ranking of Kings is still going


2 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 102: Winter 2022 Anime First Impressions

  1. Re: Sabikui Bisco, I think what it’s missing is that certain, elusive “heart”. It reminds me of shows like Fairy Gone or Kabukichou Sherlock or The Great Pretender, that feel like they have all the elements, and yet when you sit down and watch them they feel empty and derivative. Like, with The Great Pretender or Kabukichou Sherlock, no matter how hard they tried I kept thinking about how I’d be having much more fun watching say, Lupin or Cobra or Cowboy Bebop, etc. With Sabikui Bisco there’s the Trigun angle, as noted, but also often it just feels like ~wacky~ in a l’art pour l’art way, without any particular cohesive vision, unlike in Trigun or Blood Blockade Battlefront. (Like, why do the hitman team wear bunny masks? It feels like just an excuse to be “hee look we’re being wacky!!” We’ve seen no reason for them to wear bunny masks, and their visuals altogether just don’t gel with rest of the world design.)

    As for Rose King, it’s an adaptation problem, not a source material problem. I know dark fantasy melodrama shoujo manga is an acquired taste for many, but I think the first arc of the manga is absolutely excellent for what it is, great visuals, great handling of characters, and it does a great job adapting and including Shakespeare’s text, it’s really fun to read. (I guess the English translation dropped the ball with this aspect…) The manga weers off into a really crap direction after a while, but the first ~10 volumes are I think excellent. Clearly whoever has been working on this anime has neither the vision nor the ambition let alone the budget to handle something like this.

    • The second episode of Sabikui Bisco came out after we recorded, and I think that was big an improvement from episode 1. I still remain skeptical though.

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