One Week Friends Episode 2

Yuki tries to befriend Kaori after her memories reset. While initially awkward, she opens up to him once again. As a countermeasure to the amnesia, he thinks up of the idea of a diary to chronicle the week’s memories, even if she forgets them. On the last day, the two go for an adorable day on the town.

Amnesia Episode 3

Recap: All prior information is cast aside as the heroine has seemed to enter into an alternate timeline. In it, she is dating Shin, and that’s not the only thing that’s changed.

Amnesia Episode 2

After fainting, the heroine tries to go back to her normal life in order to piece together the fragments of her memories. Thankfully, the entire cafe is going on a trip that’s sure to help bring her closer to those she’s made them with. However, there might be some memories best left not knowing.