One Week Friends Episode 2



Yuki tries to befriend Kaori after her memories reset. While initially awkward, she opens up to him once again. As a countermeasure to the amnesia, he thinks up of the idea of a diary to chronicle the week’s memories, even if she forgets them. On the last day, the two go for an adorable day on the town.

Marlin’s Thoughts

This show has its pacing down perfectly. Many of the fears I had about the series for the future have been blown away by how well this second episode was executed. Yuki is eager to befriend Kaori quickly, but understands that her condition requires him to give her a bit of space. It’s pretty adorable to watch him try to make an opening, only to back out once it’s clear Kaori’s not comfortable with it yet. As he gains her trust, he slowly gets closer to her. Kaori herself is initially scared, but understands that if she spent every lunch with him that he must have at least used to mean something to her. It’s rewarding to watch as their initially stilted conversation becomes more involved once Kaori becomes comfortable again.

The hangout was definitely my favorite part. While Kaori probably doesn’t have feelings for Yuki yet, its hard not to see this as the world’s cutest first date. Both of them are worried about disappointing the other so they try to overdo everything. Watching Kaori break out of her shell with the maracas was absolutely adorable, and I kinda wanna hit Yuki for stopping her so quickly. I don’t know in what universe karaoke makes you out of breath, but I suppose she might have some kind of anime disease to account for the amnesia.


I also like that one of my initial questions is answered this very episode. It probably was that Kaori has just driven people away for so long that no one has even given her the idea of writing down her memories of the week. Even if she forgets, she would know something happened, explaining the holes in her memory. Still, this isn’t a perfect solution. I like how Kaori tries to feign knowledge the next week as to not disappoint Yuki. She knows he cares about her, so she doesn’t want to make him feel bad. Still, to her memory he is a complete unknown, and she can’t automatically act around him like things are still the same. Yuki, being no dope, catches on quickly to her nervousness and sees through the lie.

It’s nice to see both of the characters acknowledging their faults. Yuki realizes that the diary was as much to make things easier for him, so that he didn’t have to constantly befriend her. Still, he cops up to his selfishness, and reaffirms his desire to be her friend no matter what it takes. Kaori is once again confused, but at least she has some evidence of why he is at least worth spending time with now that the diary is in place. If the show can keep building on the relationship the way it has with this episode, I can’t wait to see more.


Gee’s Thoughts

As Marlin said, One Week Friends does an excellent job of proving it’s going to do everything in its power to avoid falling into a repetitive rut. Yuki’s dogged determination to befriend Kaori is endearing and inspiring. I do somewhat question how Kaori hasn’t considered the diary idea until now. It seems like an obvious (if clumsy) workaround, but seeing the two work through their very unique situation was gratifying all the same. Their “date” was also fun to watch, despite not being the usual sort of things that grabs my interest. Watching the two interact has been a highlight of my week. Yuki and Kaori’s situation isn’t ideal, but both of them acknowledge it an earnestly make an attempt to work through it. It’s a healthy relationship free of misunderstandings or the usual anime bullshit drama that often crops up in works like these. To simply see two individuals being honest with each other and talking things out has been a wonderfully refreshing experience. It’s well executed and it makes the characters all the more engaging as a result. I look forward to seeing how One Week Friends continues to keep the ball rolling.

Also, Yuki’s apathetic best friend is probably my favorite periphery character so far. The man has an inspiring ability to give no fucks while still giving genuinely good advice.


Iro’s Thoughts

After scores of anime with annoying and tedious relationships, One Week Friends is a refreshing change of pace. Misunderstandings and other trivial issues that would plague other stories are deftly avoided by the characters actually bothering to talk to each other, and in general it’s all just pretty cute to watch. As any proper romance should make me feel, I want both characters to be happy, and they seem to be even with Kaori’s condition providing the requisite drama. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how things progress.

4 thoughts on “One Week Friends Episode 2

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Yuki’s friend. If the previews are anything to go by, we’ll be introduced to his character a bit more ‘officially’ sometime during the next episode – I hope he’s as awesome as his interactions with Yuki so far make him appear.

    • Considering his prominence in the OP I was sure he’d come into greater focus eventually. Everyone else on the blog loves him, so the feeling’s likewise here.

  2. Dawg, they totally stole your diary idea. I don’t think the problem was solved so easily, though. Why does she move all her notes into that pink notebook? She had it stored in special envelope, and she also seemed to mention that she already tried keeping a diary before. The plot thickens…?

    • Yeah, we were talking and it did seem like she’d already tried the idea before, but just didn’t want to disappoint Yuki. It’s an interesting philosophical quandary. Since the diary creates a pressure on Kaori to befriend Yuki even though she has no memories of him, is that actually less healthy for their relationship than him trying to befriend her naturally?

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