Amnesia Episode 2


Recap: After fainting, the heroine tries to go back to her normal life in order to piece together the fragments of her memories. Thankfully, the entire cafe is going on a trip that’s sure to help bring her closer to those she’s made them with. However, there might be some memories best left not knowing.

Well, this was certainly a surprising turn of events. I went into this episode with only a marginal interest to go on. As the episode plodded about its memory acquisition plot, I thought I was going to grow tired of it right here and now, but the ending was enough to keep me interested to see whats going on. What’s with these memories? What triggers their renewal? Obviously the parties present in the memory don’t have to be involved in its awakening, so is it purely an audial trigger? It would seem that way, what with the sparkler and raindrops transferring into scenes, but for now all I can do is throw conjecture.


I actually have my own theory for the memories now that this episode is over. I know Kent is supposed to be all cold and aloof, but I’m sure even he’d admit to going to a festival with the girl if that’s what actually happened. There’s also nothing proving that the “memories” she obtains are something that happens in a fixed chronological time. This may sound silly, and I may well be debunked by the very next episode, but what if these aren’t even memories at all? What if she’s seeing some kind of future? I mean, those girls that attacked her, why would they go from something as violent as cutting her hair to simply warning her about a broken promise? I may well be debunked by the very next episode, but it’d be an interesting twist.

As a small aside, I do have to agree that men should not ride in swan boats together, I’m not sure what that was all about. Also, apparently team air hockey is a thing? I was talkin’ with the rest of the Glorio Crew and they all had heard of it but any hockey table I’ve ever gone to only has one paddle per side. Personally I feel like itd be way too easy to just cover the goal and also too easy to get in each other’s way. Oh well, what do I know. I did like the little touch with the concept of the Mnemid meteor shower. To those less versed in Greek Mythology, Mneme is the muse of memory. It would be fitting, then, that literally a meteor shower of memory would help her somehow.


The new guy is obviously something to look out for. It’s hard to tell if he’s some cliche Jekyll and Hyde kinda personality, or if he’s always a weird creeper. Since every suit has already been dealt out, and he is shown in the makeout-carousel in the OP I have to assume he represents the Joker in order to maintain the card symbolism. He certainly acts the part. While he does save our damsel (Again apparently? I feel like this goes beyond this girl just being forgetful.), it would appear either hes always been a little crazy or her forgetting him set off some kind of psychosis in the guy. While he never actually does anything harmful, he spends like the entire last scene of the episode totally creeping the audience out and doing the most cliche flashlight to the face routine I’ve ever seen.

What surprised me the most was that ending. I was expecting for there to be some kind of reconciliation scene at the end, for her to make Shin explain the memory she has. Instead, when she starts to run away, I got the weird feeling that I was watching a Bad End. And then she fell off a cliff. There’s a lot left unsaid from what happens after she seems to wake up. She’s in a hospital. Orion is gone (Good riddance I say, his narration of every single little thing was really starting to grate on me.). Shin decides to kiss her. And, last but not least, she seems to have gone back to the past, to the day she lost her memories. What’s coming next? I have no clue.


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