Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN Episode 4 & 5

Shichimiya convinces Dekomori that Nibutani is the real Mori Summer. Nibutani uses this to her advantage and gets Dekomori to help her with her student council campaign. Later, the school begins cutting down on inactive clubs and it’s up to Kumin to save the Far Eastern Black Magic Napping Society with the power of sleep!

All Your Monies: June 10th

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. Somehow the burden of writing this post has…

The 2012 GLORIO Awards Part 1: Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the first annual GLORIO Awards! For the first part of our awards coverage, we’ll be going Behind the Scenes – taking a look at all the magic that happens before your favorite anime hits the screen. So put on your best formalwear, take a stroll down the virtual red carpet, and join in on the debate.

I wish I could nap anywhere, anytime

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Episode 9

A semester has passed since Summer vacation and Rikka has been acting uncomfortable around Yuuta since the night they returned. With the school festival looming, Nibutani wants the club to be responsible and participate, but that will require helping Rikka sort out her feelings first.

The Ethereal Horizon

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Episode 7

Rikka and Touka bring the club to their grandparents’ beach home for Summer break. While the rest of the group has fun at the beach, Rikka seems more distant and detached than usual. As Yuuta tries to figure out what’s wrong, he uncovers the Takanashi sisters’ painful past.

Zero is the coolest number

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Episode 6

Yuuta’s friend Isshiki receives a love letter but has no idea how to handle the situation. While looking for Yuuta for advice, he accidentally discovers Nibutani’s true personality. Later on, he loses his “Cute Girl Poll” notes and they end up in Nibutani’s hands, putting his potential new love (and his life?) in danger.

Everyone knows you can't win against the big sister character

Chuunibyou Episode 2

Rikka finds a lost cat and decides to adopt it as her familiar. This causes a serious conflict with her older sister, who is allergic to cats. Will Yuuta be able to defuse the situation before the two destroy each other?