All Your Monies: June 10th


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on.

Somehow the burden of writing this post has fallen on the shoulders of Iro and Timmy, crime fighting duo! One has no clue how this feature works, the other is tired of doing the feature! Will they succeed? Find out next time this time on Dragon Ball Z!

Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)
Kotobukiya, September, 6,280 JPY (Re-release)

3 Krisukoto

Timmy: I loved this the first time around and this second release is no different. The gears are great and Kurisu herself looks wonderful as well. I had to pass last time due to budget constraints but I am hoping maybe this time will be different.

Iro: If those gears were actually turning she would be very unhappy in about two seconds.

Lifesong: This is my favorite Kurisu figure. I don’t own any of them, but if I did it would be this one.

Jel: I lost a bit of interest in this figure when I saw how small it really is, plus I’m already set as far as KURISTINA figures go.. Can’t argue with how cool the design is though. 

Yuria Misaki (Ship Uniform Ver.) (Space Battleship Yamato 2199)
MegaHouse, October, 6,220 JPY

4 Yuria

Timmy: I know very little about these Yamato girls but I must say those yellow suits are eyecatchingly great. As long as MegaHouse can keep all the fine lines clean this will turn out to be a pretty nice figure. Yuria’s energic pose and expression are also lovely and the optional parts with the teddy and the papers in the alternate hand are a really nice touch. In short, I don’t know who this is but I am tempted to buy her.

Iro: I was told that Space Battleship Yamato was about cool old guys, not young girls in form-fitting spandex.

Lifesong:Cute but boring. The colors are also something I just don’t really like which is a pretty big negative for a figure that is almost entirely solid yellow.

Jel: Man, I got to start watching Yamato 2199 already. This kind of a boring figure considering it’s just all yellow uniform and not much else. The most  notable thing here is Megahouse actually pulling off a decent looking female figure. The optional parts are nice as well.

Sena Kashiwazaki (Gymnastic Uniform ver.) (Haganai NEXT)
Griffon Enterprises, July, 7,140 JPY

5 Sena

Timmy: Eh, something about this Sena really puts me off, aside from the normal “girl in her PE clothes on her knees” part. That face just looks off and a bit uninspired to me I suppose.

Iro: Someone take this girl to the cancer ward immediately! With tumors that size, it’s a wonder she’s not dead already!

Lifesong:Moo… There are many better figures of Sena. This face looks bad even for Griffon and the whole dead look just isn’t Sena. They got the boobs right I guess?

Jel: I guess Griffon has found their new cash cow (pun intended) with all these Haganai figures they keep cranking out. At least the Monster Hunter ones had really cool, outlandish designs. This is just boring fetish fuel material and considering the amount of Sena figures there are certainly better options available.

Lightning (Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII)
Square-Enix, October, 6,780 JPY

7 Lightling

Timmy: Aren’t Play Arts usually cheaper then this, although there seems to be a bit more here to maybe justify it. Other then the price this is looking pretty nice though.

Iro: I may be the only one of the Glorio crew who has played FFXIII to completion, and I remain baffled as to why they’re still producing sequels for it. At least this doesn’t have Tetsuya Nomura’s trademark belts and zippers and dangly bits. Bring back Yoshitaka Amano!

Lifesong: More genderbent Cloud? Cool for fans I guess. This is a nice looking figure of something I don’t really care about.

Jel: I’ve never been impressed with the Play Arts line. The look terrible with their huge clunky limbs and joins, and they are way too expensive. To be fair this is probably one of the better looking figures in the line I’ve seen, but that’s more a function of the character design itself. Saying it’s a better looking Play Arts is not much of compliment though and overall it’s still ugly and I hate it.

Rui Akana and Rinne Inaba (Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter)
Megahouse, October, 5,910 JPY each

1 AkanaRinne

Timmy: One of these I really like and one I don’t. Rin happens to be the latter as, while the rest of the figure is alright with the pose being maybe a bit dull, the face just looks funky to me. Its those lips I think as the alternate expression is a little bit better. Rinne on the other hand is the shining star here. Both her expressions are nice, her energetic pose and sculpt are lovely, asymmetrical kneesocks, “Look at my freaking awesome rollerblade shoes” rollerblade shoes, and to top it off optional airplane arms. Stop tempting me with characters I don’t know MegaHouse!

Iro: Balancing on one foot with roller skates seems like a really poor decision.

Lifesong:The girl on the left has a pig nose. Is she supposed to have a pig nose?

Jel: You guys realize Gyrozetter is a kids’ series, right? Sure puts an interesting spin on Rui’s character design there. Again, I more impressed by the fact this is Megahouse doing a decent job with female characters than the figures themselves. Rinne in particular has a really fun design and pose, but again as a kids’ show it does make me wonder what kind of person is buying these.

Nendoroid Kurisu Makise and Feris NyanNyan (Steins;Gate)
Good Smile Company, September/October, 2,390(Re-release)/3,030 JPY 

2 krisuFeris

Timmy: Its always nice to see stuff get rereleased as is the case with Kurisu, and Feris is a nice addition. That maid outfit and nyan pose does open up all sorts of possibilities seeing as nendo parts are fairly interchangeable.

Iro: Did I ever tell you the story of how I predicted the ending to Steins;Gate after the third episode and turned Marlin against me forever? I don’t think I even watched far enough to know who this second girl is.

Lifesong:I kind of want Maid Feyris. I don’t really care about the character, but she makes a cute nendroid.

Jel: Man how many years has it taken to get that Feris nendo? I don’t particularly care for the character, but she did translate really well into nendo form. The omurice is a nice touch and I’m sure people will eat up the “nyan~” pose.

Rikka Takanashi/The Wicked Eye (Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai)
Kyoani, November, 10,400 JPY (KyoAni online shop exclusive)

6 rikka

Timmy: Rikka! Its about time this show got some figures and I really wish Kyoani didn’t have such a death grip  the license but I digress. Their Rikka turned out lovely from the pose and sculpt to the paint. Tons of nice little details. She is a bit on the small side though and her exclusivity does bump that price up considerably. Still a lovely figure though and I find myself quite tempted.

Iro: I didn’t like this show and I don’t like Rikka.

Lifesong:Rikka is expensive. KyoAni seems to be doing all their own figures now and while they look good this same figure would have been 6k if anyone else made it.

Jel: Pretty solid rendition of the promo art, but hearing this is a KyoAni Shop exclusive just killed all interest for me. The price is the most obvious issue, but from what I’ve heard their exclusive figures don’t have the best reputation for quality either. I would be interested in a more reasonable priced Rikka, but for now I’ll save my money and keep waffling back and forth on picking up a different popular KyoAni heroine.

3 thoughts on “All Your Monies: June 10th

  1. @Jel:
    “… but again as a kids’ show it does make me wonder what kind of person is buying these.”

    Cosidering that they include sexy postcards of the characters as preorder bonus, I think we all know the target demographic here.

    Rinne’s postcards seems tamer, though. It’s just her in bulma and school swimsuit compared to Rui’s full-on nudity.

    • Yeah those postcards are definitely not for children. I understand they’re trying to sell the figures to adults, I guess I’m just wondering if there are any adults out there that care enough about Gyrozetter to buy them.

      • Kid-focused mech shows have always had a pretty lucrative minority adult fanbase. It’s why there are any female characters at all basically. GaoGaiGar is a pretty notable example of disposable kids show that rose to legend on the back of otaku who were not the target market.

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