Vividred Operation Episode 3

Akane and her friends transfer to a new school. She is late after delivering papers and uses her transformation to make it to her new school on time. Akane is caught flying around by Wakaba Saegusa who challenges her to a duel.

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 15

Summary: After Haruto has found out Chizuru is the Gate, he can’t bring himself to telling her Satoshi has become a Phantom. While Wajima begins to work on the magic stone Koyomi found, Medusa commands Lizardman to take out Chizuru. Names!

K Episode 3: Game of Drones

Summary: Cool kid, Kuro and Neko conclude their collution, consequently the Black Canine comes back to his objective. Mikoto capitulates to Scepter 4 of his own accord, which causes controversy amongst his clansmen. The Cobalt King cautions Mikoto to keep his capacities in check, but declines to kill him. He consigns his colossally chested second-in-command to communicate their scheme to the cabinet.