Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 15

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 15 [E827B9A9]_19-dec.-2012 14.10.55

Summary: After Haruto has found out Chizuru is the Gate, he can’t bring himself to telling her Satoshi has become a Phantom. While Wajima begins to work on the magic stone Koyomi found, Medusa commands Lizardman to take out Chizuru. Names!

Just so you know, I’m in the silver spotlight today, as Zigg’s gone off to America or something. Speaking of running way, in this week’s episode, our hero is too much of a coward to tell a girl that the man she loves has died and turned into an evil monster who wants to kill her. So far, so good. While the Idiot Ball is constantly being tossed around and Shunya Shiraishi’s bored performance as Haruto often makes him seem to be some sort of emotion-less psychopath who takes sick pleasure in lying to people, Lizardman’s ploy to have Haruto do his work for him was an incredibly clever one. So clever, even, that Medusa and Phoenix did not even notice it. It is heavily implied that revealing Satoshi’s death and transformation would be more than enough to drive Chizuru over the edge, which did indeed put Haruto in a pickle. All Lizardman had to do was reveal his true identity; he just decided not to do so right away because he’s an asshole. None of that “the real Satoshi is still inside” nonsense, either. The guy is just bloody dead. If the viewers can cope with that, so should the characters, right? Right? Not according to Haruto.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 15 [E827B9A9]_19-dec.-2012 14.07.05

Why oh why did our brave hero still feel the need to lie to Chizuru after he destroyed Lizardman? Would it not be best to allow her to move on with her life and tell her that the love of her life is no more? In stead, Haruto comes up with the worst excuse in all of history just to keep “Satoshi”‘s sudden disappearance a secret. Apparently he randomly decided to run off to America. And of course, Chizuru buys this. This once again makes me question Haruto’s morality. It’s not like America is a different planet, and why would Satoshi tell him rather than his best friend? Especially the casual way in which Haruto delivers this line just makes the drama in this episode more hilarious than anything. What exactly is the moral of this week’s episode? Lying is okay if you’re the hero? Lying is okay if it’s against an annoying hysterical woman? Who are you, Haruto, Light Yagami? What a hero, that Wizard. Maybe it is the “evil” of the Dragon Rings slowly starting to consume him?

In the action department, today’s episode was rather plain. Haruto once again trying out Land Style against Medusa (Because that totally worked last time) made Zigg notice that the individual forms really are not all that different from each other. While Kamen Rider Double‘s different combinations all had distinct fighting styles, Wizard’s style seem to be pretty similar, up to and including the magic spells they can use. Aside from their respective signature moves, the styles are mostly just an excuse to sell more toys, and not a well thought out one at that, especially if you consider how clever the Phantom/Gate mechanic is. The real bombshell of the episode is of course the debut of Water Dragon Style, which allows Haruto to grow a tail, split the sea like Moses and freeze large bodies of water. By far the most badass finisher up until now, but maybe also the goofiest. CGI tails on men in rubber suits should be illegal.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 15 [E827B9A9]_19-dec.-2012 16.44.01

Random Observations

  • Am I the only one who thinks Haruto knocked Chizuru out on purpose? That goes just a little bit too far there, playboy.
  • Sorry for the dull screenshots. This episode was like 90% close-ups of Haruto and Chizuru looking bored.
  • Satoshi, if you are going to give your films pompous French names, make sure you check your grammar, damnit.
  • Shunpei’s outfits really do just get worse with every consecutive episode.
  • The longer you wait to go watch the Fourze x Wizard Movie Wars Ultimatum movie, the more the trailers during the opening credits will spoil, apparently. Since we’ll have to wait for six more months anyways, this week’s ‘teaser’ seemed to reveal an ultra-stupid looking powerup for Wizard that gives him dragon armor of the real plastic-y variety. According to the Kamen Rider wiki, it’s called All Dragon Style. Bitch, PLEASE.

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