Vividred Operation Episode 3


Recap: Akane and her friends transfer to a new school. She is late after delivering papers and uses her transformation to make it to her new school on time. Akane is caught flying around by Wakaba Saegusa who challenges her to a duel.

At first Akane runs away from Wakabe but faced with the earnest attitude of the girl, she accepts the challenge and duels her on the beach. During their duel a second Alone shows up. Wakabe asks Akane to let her fight the Alone. Akane immediately agrees and the green magical girl is born. The two dock and defeat the second aggressor.

Oh hey, this befriending is going to work on the first attempt? She must like Tomatoes.

Oh hey, this befriending is going to work on the first attempt? She must like Tomatoes.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Akane has a skill at making friends. This weeks transformation and docking do not beat around the bush at all. What took Akane and Aoi two full episodes, only took one episode for Akane and Wakabe. My initial feelings on this? Wakabe must like Tomatoes. In all seriousness I do like the way that Vividred Operation gets down to business in an orderly fashion. No time is wasted in the Wakabe befriending process.

Wakabe has my favorite transformation sequence and outfit so far, her docking unit with the giant sword is great. I can already see the toy lines coming out of this show. Not only will Vividred Operation need a figure for every girl in both schoolgirl attire and their magical transformation but we also need each docking outfit. Also, let us not forget the Alones, which each seem to be unique as well.

Cool magical girls don't look at explosions.

Cool magical girls don’t look at explosions.

True Strength won us the day this week. I wonder what the dark magical girls role will be. She even shows up in class to keep an eye on Mado.. I mean Akane. Why is she after the power generator? I am willing to bet she joins Akane’s side after they have their own “befriending session”. It looks like the next befriending will be held between Akane and the mysterious hikikomori inventor girl. I wonder what their docking will look like.

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