Little Busters Episode 19

Kud does her best to fit in but she is constantly seen as a funny foreigner by the rest of her classmates. The Little Busters support her by helping her study for an upcoming exam.

Little Busters Episode 17

Haruka reveals the big secret between herself and Kanata. It turns out that the two of them are twin sisters with a twist. They share a mom but they each have a different dad and one of their fathers is an arsonist.

Little Busters Episode 16

Haruka is up to her usual pranks when she gets cornered by the disciplinary committee. Haruka is yelled at for attempting to fix an old bench and making trouble. She is then hauled off to the disciplinary committee’s room for judgement.

My Little Monster Episode 5

Despite Haru’s stubbornness, Shizuku wants to learn more about his past and get to understand him better. On the way to their date, Yuzan shows up and lays some knowledge on our heroine.