First Look: Gabriel DropOut

​When angels (and apparently demons) graduate from angel (and apparently demon) school, they descend (ascend?) to Earth and finish their education in human high school. Gabriel finished at the top of her class in angel school, but after discovering online gaming she can barely be bothered to leave her apartment.

The GLORIO Winter 2017 Anime Guide – Part 2

Part 1 of our winter preview guide was pretty bleak and part 2 is not much better. Fortunately there are some glimmers of hope. The most notable is the return Little Witch Academia, Trigger’s magical OVA series now formatted for TV. Aqua tells me Scum’s Wish is also good if you like horrible people doing horrible things, but if that turns out feel free to place 100% of the blame on him. Let us know if anything else looks interesting to you, brave readers, and we’ll see you soon with our first looks in the next few days.