First Look: Gabriel DropOut


Manga Adaptation by Doga Kobo
Streaming on Crunchyroll


When angels (and apparently demons) graduate from angel (and apparently demon) school, they descend (ascend?) to Earth and finish their education in human high school. Gabriel finished at the top of her class in angel school, but after discovering online gaming she can barely be bothered to leave her apartment.

Jel’s verdict: Passing Grade

There’s so many things that I could hate about this show. I’m tired of glorifying shut-ins/otakus/general anti-social nerds by making them cute girls that said shut-ins can ogle. The premise of angels that are actually kind of bad people and demons that are good is also way too easy a direction to go with this And yet this episode still managed to be funny enough that I will probably give it another episode. As I mention in nearly every one of these write-ups, Doga Kobo’s zany cartoon animation and spot on comedic timing add a default level of charm that is hard to suppress. Surprisingly, Garbriel herself is not totally insufferable. She seems to be more disillusioned with the path set before her and games are her escape as opposed to her legitimately devoting her life to them, a small distinction that I think is worth making. It leaves the door open for some more interesting narrative possibilities in the future.


The real star here though is ARCH DEMON KURUMIZAWA SATANICHIA MCDOWELL, FUTURE QUEEN OF HELL, who clearly steals the show. Aside from being the primary benefactor of Doga Kobo’s considerable animation talents, watching her talk a big game and then suck at everything is hilarious. Her fight with a dog over some melon bread was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in this new season. She has single handedly given me a glimmer of hope that this show can overcome its shortcomings. That’s not much hope mind you, but it’s enough for me to at least watch a little more.

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