The Unfortunate Implications of Kantai Collection

You’ve probably seen them before, whether it’s on social networks, in fanart, as figures on online shops or in the seedier underbellies of the anime fandom. The kanmusu, or “ship daughters”, twee teenage girls dressed like fashionable sailors and armed to the teeth with equally cutesy heavy weaponry, are the heroines and mascots of Kantai Collection, the new cult phenomenon taking the Internet by storm. Yet the context on which Kantai Collection exists, is a rather problematic one.

Persona 4 Golden Review

Persona 4 was an instant classic, better than its predecessor in nearly every way. Four years later, it seems Atlus is trying to pull the same trick, whipping out an updated release of an old game, putting some new bells and whistles on it. The question is, how did it turn out?

First Impressions: DMC: Devil may Cry

DmC, oh DmC. Ever since its grungey announcement at E3 2009, the Ninja Theory-helmed reboot of the beloved, stylish action franchise has stirred such a tremendous hurricane of backlash you’re starting to wonder whether there is actually someone left who likes the game. To the surprise of many a gaming journalist – who did not…

OP/ED Op-Eds: Persona 4 Opening Song Medley

With the release of Persona 4 Golden last week our enthusiasm for the game is spilling over. It’s no secret we love our Persona, and many of our Glorio team members have been scrambling to get a Vita just to play it. What better way to get it out of our system then with a trio of Persona 4 opening songs?

Glorio Special Report: ATLUS Fighting Championships

We here at The Glorio Blog are big fans of Bearsona 4 Arena, so when I learned that a tournament was being held at an arcade a mere 15 minutes’ drive away, I figured I just had to go check it out. I’m the best P4A player among us by a fair margin (and was the closest to the location by a huge margin), so I was the obvious choice to go claim glory and prizes in the blog’s name. So, how did it go?

Cute Girls Punching Things

Fairy Bloom Freesia Review

Nyu Media’s latest release borrows familiar elements from other action and fighting titles to create a unique little brawler full of flashy combat and cute characters. But will that be enough for Freesia to fight its way into your game library? Let’s take a look a closer look.

Incoherent Babble Episode 4: Wild West Edition

Incoherent Babble returns, after a fortnight break, with Zigg, Lifesong, Jel and Timmy in the hot seats, joined in the second half of the show by Marlin and the elusive Invisible Iro. Together they talk about videogames, visual novels and tackle the question of how anime is doing in the west. A quick note guys…

Charlie Tunoku versus Aigis

Persona 4 Arena Review

What happens when take the best RPG series of the past decade and hand it over to a top tier fighting game developer? This game. Reach out for the truth about Persona 4 Arena in our latest review.

Happy Asskicking Day!

We named Persona 4: Arena the official Glorio community game from the day it was announced. See you on the servers where we will all play as Teddie. Now go forth and execute your friends, renovate their asses, galactic punt them into oblivion, go bearserk and find your true self. And if it all looks…