OP/ED Op-Eds: Persona 4 Opening Song Medley

Usually we highlight anime openings and endings in our OP/EDs posts, but with the release of Persona 4 Golden last week our enthusiasm for the game is spilling over. It’s no secret we love our Persona, and many of our Glorio team members have been scrambling to get a Vita just to play it. What better way to get it out of our system then with a quartet of Persona 4 opening songs?

“Shadow World”, the new opening song for the Golden re-make, has been surprisingly divisive among fans. It certainly catches you off guard in the beginning with a blast of harmonica, not the most common instrument in Shoji Meguro’s arsenal. The song itself is incredibly upbeat and the accompanying stylized animation of the cast breakin’ it down definitely focuses on the game’s lighthearted side. While I think only the most diehard detractors would dislike such a fun song, I can understand if some people feel it’s a bit of an unbalanced representation of the game.

Those people probably prefer “Pursuing My True Self”, the opening song in the original release. It bears a much closer resemblance to Persona 3’s classic opener, “Burn My Dread”, but without that song’s massive, MASSIVE exploding chorus. The clip choices for the animation probably set a more appropriate tone for the game, but I just don’t enjoy this song as much. It’s not a bad tune, but I don’t think it’s Meguro’s best.

As good as those songs are though, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the anime adaptation OP, “Sky’s the Limit”, is my favorite of the bunch. It’s smooth, cool and stylish and the animation alludes to some of the story’s themes in between the character introductions. While the anime did end up notoriously disappointing, I can’t deny how hyped I was for it after seeing this OP.

By the time the second anime OP, “Key Plus Words”, rolled out, I had already given up hope on the adaptation and didn’t pay the song too much attention. Many people were pretty down on its harder rock edge and particularly egregious Engrish, but I must admit it grew on me after a few listens. The soaring chorus helps bring some direction to a song that is a bit disorganized without it.

Of course all four songs are worthy additions to the fantastic catalog of Persona music, they just bring slightly different points of view to a very multifaceted story. Whichever one is your favorite is up to your personal taste, and I’m just happy to have plenty of cool songs in the discussion.

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