First Look: CUE!

A group of 15 wannabe voice actors join a brand new talent agency called AiRBLUE. They learn and do voice acting, and maybe some singing too. That’s it, that’s the plot.

Honestly if you think about it, the most menacing thing this guy can do is borrow your tank.

Blast of Tempest Episode 9

Recap: With the new revelation, Mahiro is quick to jump allegiances, his only trust in whoever can find Aika’s Killer. While Natsumura is taking out the army at large, Yoshino decides he will not allow the current state of affairs to remain, and fights Mahiro to prevent this story from becoming Hamlet and instead turning…

Blast of Tempest Episode 6

Junichiro is certain Hakaze is dead, even handling her skeleton, which has somehow been picked clean in a matter of months (trust me, this does not happen.) After some fanservice laden backstory for Junichiro, another fruit appears. To make matters worse, Yoshino gets kidnapped, making Mahiro give chase.