Blast of Tempest Episode 9


Recap: With the new revelation, Mahiro is quick to jump allegiances, his only trust in whoever can find Aika’s Killer. While Natsumura is taking out the army at large, Yoshino decides he will not allow the current state of affairs to remain, and fights Mahiro to prevent this story from becoming Hamlet and instead turning it to The Tempest.

Like it was ever going to stop, this week we get another bout of exposition. At the very least it was interspersed with Natsumura wrecking shit out on the battlefield and there was some actual fighting inside the barrier as well, but it’s just so much talking. Mahrio being the stone cold motherfucker he is drops Hakaze like a broken tool the minute she becomes worthless to him. Yoshino, knowing how Hamlet ends, refuses to let such tragedy befall his friend.


What in God’s name is going on with this plot? Idno if Yoshino is trying to pull some mad stalling tactics but i better see some amazing logic to explain to me how Hakaze can be resurrected from bones. Even with the idea of magic, I don’t understand how it’s possible under the rules set forth about the magic so far. I was far more interested in seeing more of the Natsumura v. Evangeline fight, because at least there would be some actual fighting going on in this shounen show, and I’m not counting the flashbang karate fest that was a bitch to get a good screen of between Yoshino and Mahiro this episode.

You know there’s something wrong when your own characters voice the same complaints as the viewer. Why the fuck should we or anyone care about who the fuck Aika dated. That was the stupidest thing in the entire episode if you ask me. I guess it was just supposed to be ironic, that the fate of so much could be decided by so little, but it didn’t make it sound any less stupid, and once he does reveal it what are they going to do, fight more? I can’t imagine that will accomplish anything. I guess we’ll have to see what Yoshino’s got up his sleeve, but ti better be good.


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