So, About K…

Hey, you know that one thing with the bad boys trying to act all cool but actually being very lame, all the random barely dressed girls skipping around for no reason? That one thing with all the sub-par hip-hop and all the incomprehensible rambling? You thought I meant K? Yeah, no, I was talking about…

K Episode 5: Krap

Summary: Everyone talks a lot, Neko runs around with no clothes on, Shirou and Kuro do vaguely gay things, and there’s also something with Kings doing things, or something. Oh, and skateboard kung-fu kid gets his ass kicked.

K Episode 4: Ace Amateur Investigations

Summary: Shirou, Kuroh and Neko dress up in garments from Ye Olde Times for no reason and go around campus looking for evidence to prove Shirou’s innocence. I’m not even going to bother with the alliterations, because that is honestly all that happens.

K Episode 3: Game of Drones

Summary: Cool kid, Kuro and Neko conclude their collution, consequently the Black Canine comes back to his objective. Mikoto capitulates to Scepter 4 of his own accord, which causes controversy amongst his clansmen. The Cobalt King cautions Mikoto to keep his capacities in check, but declines to kill him. He consigns his colossally chested second-in-command to communicate their scheme to the cabinet.

K: Episode 2

K’s courageous leading man kooks up an exquisite trick to escape the callous claws of the attractive crooks persecuting him. Scampering through Tokyo’s crescents and corners, he eventually reaches his condo on the academy campus, where his kitty companion exposes itself as a stark naked chick with psychic capacities. Concurrently, the scarlet king’s crew calls in the cavalry. Quite the crazy antics ensue.

Incoherent Babble Episode 7: Hostile Takeover

With Zigg disappeared to parts unknown, Irothtin takes the reigns of the show with his trademark bitterness and is joined by Jel, Lifesong and Timmy. Together they dig into the new anime season, discussing what we’re excited about, what we think will be a disaster, and what can go straight to hell.

First Impressions: K

In the near future, in the not-so-near city of somewhere in Japan, seven esper Kings, each backed by a colour-coded gang, fight for absolute turf control… or something. Yashiro “Shiro” Inaba, a local high school student, heads into the city to run an errand, but ends up being chased by the gang of the Red King, as well as a mysterious third party. Meanwhile, the enigmatic “colourless King” starts raising hell…