Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 12

Kana continues to pursue Shinichi, increasingly convinced that her sensory powers are proof of a more intimate connection. Even after Shinichi exploits migi’s sleeping period to tell her the truth, she refuses to believe. With her powers growing ever stronger, it is only a matter of time before she puts herself in danger.

Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 11

With the immediate threat over, Shinichi tries to go back to his normal life at school. At the same time, strange dreams and Shinichi’s warnings make Kana start to get even more interested in him. Elsewhere, a modified Parasyte is unleashed in some clandestine operation. His efforts appear to run parallel with other Parasytes attempting to infiltrate the local government.

Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 8 & 9

Shinichi’s mind is starting to change with his body, and Murano is starting to notice it more and more. A new parasyte is sent into Shinichi’s school, keeping him on edge. Later, one of Murano’s friends discovers the secret of the Parasytes, and despite being totally defenseless tries to handle the new arrival herself.